QSL: CFCB Corner Brook NL 570

Image570 kHz is usually dominated by Cuban Radio Reloj at my usual DX site at Lista. When conditions favour stations further north, CFCB in Newfoundland is the most commonly heard North American station on this frequency.

Richard King, Program Director, kindly confirmed my reception report on CFCB from January 2011. CFCB broadcasts with a power of 1 kilowatt from Corner Brook on the Eastern part of Newfoundland.


QSL: CKIM Baie Verte NL 1240

The most common station on 1240 kHz at Lista is definitely CKIM. In fact it is so common that it is nearly a pest station ruining reception of other stations on this interesting graveyard frequency. I caught CKIM with a local identification early in the evening at Lista in January 2011, or rather an identification for 620 CKCM as CKIM is a repeater only without any local programming. Later on in the evening CKIM always has regular VOCM programming.

The CKIM transmitter is located in Baie Verte on the northern coastline of Newfoundland. It certainly does well for 1 kilowatt only. Program Director Richard King, who has confirmed several VOCM stations for me previously, confirmed my audio recording of CKIM with a nice e-mail reply.

QSL: CFLN Goose Bay NL / CFGN Port-aux-Basques NL 1230


Signals from the CFCB radio network popped up also on 1230 kHz at the October 2008 DX pedition to Lista. These signals could originate from either CFLN in Goose Bay, Labrador or from CFGN in Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland, as both these transmitters repeats CFCB in their respective coverage area.

As far as I know, there is no way in separating these transmitters when they relay CFCB programming which they do most of the day. CFLN is listed with 1 kilowatt of power though while CFGN is only listed with 250 watts of power, which could indicate that we heard the most powerful transmitter (CFLN in Goose Bay).  CFLN will be moving to FM shortly so the next time we hear CFCB on 1230 kHz it will surely be CFGN… 🙂

Richard King kindly confirmed my reception of CFCB on 1230 kHz with another e-mail last week.

QSL: CFNW Port au Choix NL 790


Hearing CFNW on 790 kHz is not terribly difficult at Lista, especially early at night when other stations haven’t faded in yet. CFNW is located in the small town of Port au Choix on the Northwestern coastline of Newfoundland. According to Wikipedia, Port au Choix (also spelled Port aux Choix) had a population of just 893 in 2006 so it is a very small place…

CFNW does not have it own programming, it only relays programming from CFCB in Corner Brooks. The transmitter is listed as transmitting with 1 kilowatt of power only. Richard King, Program Director at CKGM, confirmed my October 2008 reception of CFNW at Lista with an e-mail some days ago.

QSL: CBT Grand Falls NL 540


Now that Belgium has left and Hungary doesn’t use the frequency at night, 540 kHz has become a frequency opening up for Transatlantic DX. During the October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista, 3 stations were heard on this frequencies: CBT in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, CBGA1 in New Carlisle, QuĂ©bec and WFLF in Pine Hills, Florida. Of these 3 stations, CBT in Grand Falls Windsor in Newfoundland usually had the best signal. CBT broadcasts with a power of 10 kilowatts carrying regular CBC Radio One programming as well as  local programming and regional programming. Keith Durnford at CBC in St. John’s confirmed my reception of CBT with an e-mail today.

QSL: CKGA Gander NL 650

CKGA in Gander, Newfoundland, is one of the most commonly heard North American radio stations here. The station can be heard almost every night in the winter season on its frequency 650 kHz, provided you have a decent radio and antenna of course. CKGA is part of the VOCM Radio Network in Newfoundland and simulcasts the mainstream VOCM programming most of the day.

On both the November 2007 and the February 2008 DX-pedition to Lista, CKGA could, however, be heard signing on at 06.00 a.m. local time with a local station identification. The station identification was announced as: “6-50 C-K-G-A Gander, a Newcap Radio Field Communication Station”. 6.00 a.m. equals 10.30 our local time and it was a bit surprising to hear CKGA so late in the morning as 10.30 was about 2 hours past our local sunrise. The ever so kind Richard King, Program Director, who has confirmed a couple of my other reports of VOCM radio stations previously, also confirmed my audio clip of CKGA with an e-mail.

QSL: CBGY Bonavista Bay NL 750

CBC Newfoundland is one of most commonly heard AM stations from North America in Southern Norway. Both CBN St. John’s on 600 kHz, CBGY on 750 kHz and CBG on 1400 kHz are easy catches.

The only one of these 3 transmitters which I had not verified previously was CBGY in Bonavista Bay on 750 kHz. Today, however, I received a brief e-mail from Keith Durnford at CBC Newfoundland confirming my reception of the station. This was another report from the successfull November 2007 DX-pedition to Lista on the southwest coast of Norway.