QSL: WHSR Pompano Beach FL 980


Despite a coastal location at Pompano Beach, Florida, and a listed night power of 2,2 kilowatts, WHSR is not heard too often at my place.  In March 2013, WHSR was heard with a pretty stable signal several nights at Lista This was my first reception of the station since 2005 during my more or less yearly travels to Lista.

Hearing WHSR is one thing, getting a station identification is another one as the station doesn’t carry many IDs. I had to listen to several hours of endless talking in French Creole before catching a definite ID as “Radio Haiti Amerique Internationale”.  Although using the slogan “International Entertainment Radio”, the programming of WHSR consists mainly of French Creole programming catering to the Haitian population in South Florida.

Duff Lindsey, Operations Manager, kindly confirmed my audio clip of WHSR with an e-mail.


QSL: WSRF Fort Lauderdale FL 1580


Lista is a very good QTH for DX-ing Florida stations and many low powered Florida stations have made it to our radios there throughout the years. Conditions towards Florida were not excellent during the January 2011 trip to Lista, but we still managed to hear a couple of new Florida stations. One of the stations which came through one morning with a nice station ID on the top of the hour was WSRF in Fort Lauderdale on 1580 AM.

Chief Engineer Ralph Chambers confirmed my reception with a nice e-mail some days ago. He says the station broadcast with a power of 1000 watts nondirectional at the time I received their signal. WSRF calls itself “The Haitian-American radio station of South Florida” and broadcasts mainly in French Creole.

QSL: WINZ Miami FL 940

WINZ is a station which is regularly heard at Lista on 940 kHz, especially after the Montréal station CINW vacated the frequency in January 2010. WINZ was also heard at Lista in January 2011, but had lots of competition from the Mexican station XEQ “La Q 940” much of the time. Ken Charles, Director of AM Programming, confirmed my reception of WINZ with a brief e-mail. WINZ became my verified station number 800 in my QSL “collection”.

WINZ broadcasts with a night power of 10 kilowatts from their towers north of Miami. Currently, the station should be even easier to catch as its night power has been raised to 25 kilowatts under a special temporary authority. WINZ is a Fox Sports affiliate, but also covers local sports of course. The station dubbs itself “The Sports Animal” and has a pretty cool logo (see above).

QSL: WFOY St. Augustine FL 1240

WFOY is a station which is heard every now and then on 1240 kHz at Lista. Sadly, 1240 kHz often suffers from severe splash from Absolute Radio (xVirgin Radio) on 1242 kHz often spoiling reception of the interesting graveyard frequency of 1240 kHz completely. The most common station on 1240 kHz is definitely CKIM in Newfoundland, usually with VOCM programming. Other stations are rarely heard. I have heard WFOY a couple of times though. Licenced to St. Augustine, Florida, this news and talk station sometimes makes it across the pond despite a very moderate output power of 580 watts. The coastal location and a favourable pattern no doubts help a lot. President Kris Phillips confirmed my reception of WFOY with an e-mail yesterday.

QSL: WFLA Tampa FL 970

Steve Versnick (see below) also confirmed my reception of WFLA on 970 kHz. WFLA can sometimes be heard with a fair signals in the mornings at my listening post at Lista, usually well below dominant station WZAN in Portland, Maine. WFLA transmits with a night power of 11 kilowatts from its transmitter outside Tampa, Florida. WFLA is a news and talk radio station serving both Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. My report was for a recording made in October 2008.

QSL: WDAE St. Petersburg FL 620


620 kHz is a frequency where it is normally only possible to hear CKCM in Newfoundland and Radio Rebelde in Cuba. During my last visit to Lista in January 2011, however, I managed to catch the signal of a couple of other stations on 620 kHz, including WDAE in St. Petersburg, Florida.

WDAE “The Sports Animal” broadcasts with a night power of 5.5 kilowatts. It’s an all sports station. I heard them carrying Fox Sports Radio, but luckily there were also a couple of local identifications. Steve Versnick, Program Director, confirmed my report today with an e-mail.

QSL: WIXC Titusville FL 1060


It was a huge surprise to find WIXC when reviewing the recordings made at Lista in October 2008. This was the very first time this station was logged in Scandinavia according to the authorative KOJE list. Greg Sherlock, General Manager at the station, confimed my reception of the station with a brief e-mail.

At the time I caught their signal, WIXC had a “classic country” format and the station identified as “Wixie 10-60”. That format has now changed into a news talk format. WIXC broadcasts from Titusville, Florida with a night time power of 5 kilowatt. It’s a bit odd that this station is not heard more often giving such a powerful night time effect. Looks like the station has a very unfavourable pattern towards the northeast.