QSL: WTMA Charleston SC 1250

WTMA in Charleston, South Carolina, has a night time power of 1 kilowatt only and is not the most frequent guest on 1250 kHz. The signal of WTMA was noted several times at Lista in November 2009, however. Justin Tucker, Chief Engineer/MIS Director confirmed my audio recording of WTMA with an e-mail some weeks ago.

WTMA broadcast a news talk format. The station has even created a web page about the history of the station called WTMA Memories.


QSL: WLMC Georgetown SC 1470


WLMC in Georgetown, South Carolina, was another nice catch at Lista in last October. The station was heard with gospel music and announcing various religious and community events in and around Georgetown. WLMC broadcasts with a daytime power of  1 kilowatts while their nighttime power is  just 184 watts. As we heard them around 7.15 p.m. EST, I guess we heard them with 184  kilowatts only. A nice catch indeed!

Station owner  Rod Stalvey mentions they spent some effort and money to improve their transmitting facility 2 years ago and this may explain why the station makes it through all the way to Scandinavia at times. In 2006 Mr. Stalvey also verified my reception of their sister station WGTN on 1400 kHz, heard in February 2006 at Lista. WLMC has got a really nice logo (with palms), see above.