QSL: Radio Mauritanie 783


I never thought I would get a reply from Mauritania. I tried several times when Radio Mauritanie transmitted on shortwave, but as with most other DXers no response.

In February we were very pleased about being able to hear Radio Mauritanie once again. Not on shortwave this time, but rather on mediumwave 783 kHz where Radio Mauritanie at times dominated the frequency. Reception was no doubt improved a lot by our antenna directed towards Spain and South America. Stations from North Africa were also heard well on this antenna.

An even greater surprise than hearing Radio Mauritanie was getting a reply from the station. Hasan Mohamed at the station replied with a short, but perfectly adequate e-mail verification within just a few hours.

Radio Mauritanie transmits with a power of 50 kilowatts on 783 kHz. Despite a powerful transmitter located outside the capital Nouakchott ,the station is not reported very often in Scandinavia.