QSL: CJLO Montréal QC 1690


There are not many student radio stations broadcasting on AM, and certainly not many of them reaching Norway. CJLO in Montréal, however, is occasionally heard on 1690 kHz here broadcasting with 1 kilowatt. The station broadcasts from Concordia University and has been broadcasting on AM since 2008.

Allison O’Reilly, Program Director at the station, sent me a kind e-mail confirming my reception of the station made back at Lista in March 2013.



QSL: CHML Hamilton ON 900


CHML has been heard a couple of times by me at Lista, but is by no means a regular station despite a power of 50 kilowatts. The main reason for that is that CHML shares the frequency with many other stations, not least with European stations RAI in Italy and Radio Popular de Bilbao in Spain.

CHML hasn’t replied to my reports previously, but today Rick Zamperin, Assistant Program, News & Senior Sports Director at the station, confirmed my recording from Lista in January 2011. CHML airs a news/talk format branded as Global News Radio 900 CHML from Hamilton, Ontario.


QSL: CHRN Montréal QC 1610


CHRN had a fair but clear signal when I heard them at Lista in March. Neither CHHA in Toronto or Caribbean Beacon in Anguilla were present when I caught their signal. CHRN is easily recognizable playing Indian music and frequent identifications as Radio Humsafar. Radio Humsafar broadcasts to the South Asian community in Montréal using a 1 kilowatt transmitter.

President Jasvir Sandhu kindly acknowledged my audio recording of Radio Humsafar last week.

QSL: CBI Sydney NS 1140


CBI is one of the easiest Canadian AM stations to hear. CBI is by far the most common station on 1140 kHz. The signal of CBI also fades in early in the evening, sometimes as early as some of the Newfoundland stations.

The transmitter of CBI runs with 10 kilowatts and is located outside Sydney in Nova Scotia. Although CBI often has a good signal here in Norway, the AM signal is apparently not so good in Nova Scotia itself. FM is preferred and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1140 transmitter will close down in the future, as has happened with many Canadian AM radio stations.

It has been surprisingly difficult to obtain a QSL from CBI. I have tried a number of times without success. Finally Don Munro, Producer at CBC Cape Breton, sent me a letter a few weeks ago confirming my reception of CBI. He also enclosed some information about the station as well as some CBC buttons.

QSL: CKWX Vancouver BC 1130


Catching a signal of a station from the West Coast of North America is always a treat at Lista. Only rarely do we succeed in hearing anything, and when we succeed it is only the strongest 50 kilowatts stations which are heard.

One of them, CKWX in Vancouver, was heard on the DX-pedition back in November 2009 as late as 10.59 UTC which was more than 3 hours after our local sunrise. The signal peaked. Dean Fox, Senior Manager at Rogers Radio Engineering in Vancouver confirmed my rather old recording with a friendly e-mail.