QSL: CBI Sydney NS 1140


CBI is one of the easiest Canadian AM stations to hear. CBI is by far the most common station on 1140 kHz. The signal of CBI also fades in early in the evening, sometimes as early as some of the Newfoundland stations.

The transmitter of CBI runs with 10 kilowatts and is located outside Sydney in Nova Scotia. Although CBI often has a good signal here in Norway, the AM signal is apparently not so good in Nova Scotia itself. FM is preferred and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1140 transmitter will close down in the future, as has happened with many Canadian AM radio stations.

It has been surprisingly difficult to obtain a QSL from CBI. I have tried a number of times without success. Finally Don Munro, Producer at CBC Cape Breton, sent me a letter a few weeks ago confirming my reception of CBI. He also enclosed some information about the station as well as some CBC buttons.


QSL: CKDH Amherst NS 900


900 kHz was an interesting frequency on the October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista. One of several Transatlantic stations surfacing was CKDH in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Despite its location on the East coast of Canada, CKDH is not logged too often in Europe. I have never heard them before this DX-peditions, despite many DX-peditions to Lista over the years. The power of their AM transmitter is just 1 kilowatt though so that probably explains why CKDH is not hear more often.

Kurt Fawthrop at CKDH sent me a brief e-mail confirming my reception of the station today. CKDH plans to switch to FM so this station will be gone from the AM band pretty soon.

QSL: CHNS Halifax NS 960


CHNS in Halifax, Nova Scotia, used to be a very common station at my place and by far the most commonly heard station on 960 kHz. I have sent a couple of reports to this station through the years, but no answer untill today when I got an e-mail verification from Alison Morash, Promotions Manager,  confirming my reception of the station on February 11, 2006.

CHNS left the AM band for good on October 19, 2006, and 960 kHz is now a much more exciting frequency. CHNS can nowadays be heard on FM and is known as “Hal FM”. They broadcast an interesting mix of Classic Rock music which I listen in to now and then on my computer. CHNS also used to broadcast on shortwave 6130 kilohertz with the call signs CHNX. The shortwave transmitter was closed down in 2001.

QSL: CKEC New Glasgow NS 1320

CKEC “Radio New Glasgow” in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, is another easy catch which have failed to reply to me untill now. Last week, however, I received a nice letter from Chief Engineer Peter Lann who confirmed my report of CKEC from November. Peter also enclosed a CD with recordings of the entire programming of CKEC on the day I heard them, November 4, 2006 – 24 hours of continous programming for me to listen to! Peter tells that the transmitter they are using is a 25 kilowatt Nautel transmitter made right there in Nova Scotia. Peter is, by the way, also a HAM with the call VE1LAN.

CKEC is the easiest station to hear at my place broadcasting from Nova Scotia and is the dominant station on 1320 kHz. The station will probably leave for FM later this year just like many other Canadian AM stations.

QSL: CHER Sydney NS 950

Phil Thompson at Cape Breton Radio replied to my e-mail report today to CHER in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Phil also replied to my report to CJCB on 1270 kHz last autumn. CHER is by far the easiest station to hear on 950 AM at my place. The station always identifies as “Max 9-50” and plays music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. CHER plans to move to FM in March, which means that their AM transmitter will probably be switched off at the same time.

QSL: CKDY Digby NS 1420

I’ve been busy clearing my files from last season, meaning I’ve sent quite a lot of reception reports out to some of the stations heard at Lista and at home last winter. Hopefully, they will result in a few verifications.

The first one came in just some hours ago: A brief e-mail from General Manager Di Best of the AVR Network in Nova Scotia confirming my report of CKDY Digby on 1420 kHz. CKDY is an easy catch at Lista, while the 2 other AM stations belonging to the AVR Network, CFAB 1450 and CKAD 1350, are more unusual hearings