QSL: VOAR Mount Pearl NL 1210


The signal of VOAR is easily heard at Lista on its mediumwave frequency of 1210 kHz whenever conditions are reasonable towards North America. Reception would have been much better if it wasn’t for powerhouse Absolute Radio on nearby 1215 kHz. The signal of Absolute Radio is so strong that it often ruins the nearby channels of 1210 and 1220 kHz. Even though the signal strength of VOAR is often good, the overall quality of reception is usually fair at best.

For some reason, I have never sent a reception report to VOAR untill now. Chief Engineer R. Brian Matthews kindly confirmed my reception of the station made at Lista in March. He says the AM signal of VOAR will soon be history as the station has been granted application to move to FM. He expects their AM transmitter will switch off for good sometime this November.

VOAR is one of only 4 remaining radio stations in Canada using the old call letters of Newfoundland VO.., the others being VOWR, VOCM AM and VOCM FM. The now doomed 10 kilowatt AM transmitter of VOAR is situated at Mount Pearl outside St. Johns’s. VOAR belongs to the Adventist church and transmits religious programmes only.



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