DX-pedition to Lista November 11-14, 2007

On November 11-14, I was back at our regular DX-pedition QTH at Lista, this time accompanied by Torgeir Nyen. Conditions were quite good and we were able to hear a lot of stations from the USA and Canada which we hadn’t heard previously. Stations from Ontario and Québec were heard especially well while we hardly heard any stations from South America at all.

We both had 2 SDR-IQ radios in addition to a couple of conventional radios so we have a lot of recordings to check! The log already includes more than 120 different North American stations, but will hopefully grow further. Our incomplete log can be found – so far in Norwegian only – as a text document at Google Docs. We will update the log as we check our recordings. Updates done during the last week will be marked with red letters.


12 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista November 11-14, 2007

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