QSL: XEQR Radio Centro 1030

Catching the signal of Radio Centro in México City was one of the highlights of the November 2009 DX-pedition to Lista. A highly unusual catch, as the frequency of 1030 kHz is always totally dominated by WBZ in Boston. One morning another station was heard behind WBZ though playing soft music. Luckily the station surfaced with a nice station identification on the hour.

Ing. Luís Cepero Alarcón sent me an e-mail with a perfect verification text and also enclosed a couple of pictures in his e-mail.


QSL: XECTL Radio Chetumal 860

One of the surprises at Lista in October 2008 was catching a few rare stations from Central America. One of the best loggings was Radio Chetumal in Chetumal, Mexico, close to the border to Belize, on 860 kHz. Their signal made it through to our radios one morning identifying both as “Radio Chetumal” and using their slogan “la radio de todos”.  Although this station has a power of 10 kilowatts, it is rarely logged in Scandinavia.

José Leonardo Cámara Ramírez confirmed my reception of the station with an e-mail yesterday. He says the station dates back to 1985 and belongs to the“Sistema Quintanarroense de Comunicación Social” radio group. This radio group is owned by the state government along with 3 other stations in the state of Quintana Roo. Chetumal is the capital of  Quitana Roo and is now starting to develop as a big tourist destination. Chetunal is still not as developed for tourism though as other wellknown places along the coast of this state such as Cancún, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.

My thanks to Henrik Klemetz and to Tore B. Vik for both identifying this station and for providing a working e-mail address.

QSL: XEEP Radio Educación 1060


Stations from Mexico are not heard often at my place, but at Lista in November 2007 we managed to hear a few. One of them was Radio Educación in Mexico City. The signal of Radio Educación was heard one morning on 1060 kHz when their signal was heard pretty well mixing with the dominant station Radio 26 in Cuba and WBIX in Boston.

Lic. Virginia Bello Méndez, Directora General at the station sent me a kind letter and a very colourful QSL-card by FedEx some days ago confirming my reception of the station. Unfortunately, the frequency mentioned on the QSL-card is their shortwave outlet 6185 kHz and not 1060 kHz which was the frequency I received them on. Oh well, I’ll still count this one as a verification of XEEP on 1060 kHz.

QSL: XEVOZ Radio Tráfico 1590

XEVOZ Radio Tráfico in México City was a rather unexpected catch at Lista in November 2007. The station came through with pretty good quality one morning on 1590 kHz announcing the time every minute and giving traffic reports from Mexico every third minute. Ing. Miguel Angel Barrientos V., who is their Director de Ingeniería y Desarrollo Tecnológico, replied with a registered letter including a small full data QSL certificate.

Radio Tráfico has obviously not been a huge success because the station is now a part of the FM station “88.9 Noticias”. On 1590 AM, you can hear the music service “Luz 1590″ with the slogan “Luz 1590 – la música que hace la diferencia”. All stations are owned by the Grupo ACIR radio group.

QSL: XEPE Tecate 1700



XEPE in Tecate just south of the U.S.-Mexican border was one of the best catches on the January 2007 DX-pedition to Lista when the station was heard with good quality for more than an hour. XEPE is a common catch in Arctic Norway, but it is definitely not easily heard here in Southern Norway. Even though this station broadcasts from Mexico, I’ll count this as my first catch of a U.S. West Coast station on the AM band. At the time I received the signal of the station, XEPE broadcast business talk and identified as “Cash 1700”. The station has since changed format to talk radio and is now branding itself as “The Talk of San Diego”.

As this was my first ever reception of a U.S. West Coast station, I was very pleased to receive an e-mail from Bill Lipis in my inbox yesterday confirming my reception of the station.

QSL: XEAI Radio Fórmula 1470



I was quite surprised to hear XEAI Radio Fórmula in México City on 1470 kHz at the DX-pedition to Lista in January 2007. Radio Fórmula is a station which I never expected to hear at Lista -it is surprises like this which still makes DX-ing fun! The station was heard late in the morning for quite some time carrying the “Fórmula de la noche” night programme.

Today I received an e-mail from Susana Chavarría, Asistente V.P. y Dirección General at Grupo Fórmula, confirming my reception of the station. Susana also enclosed a Powerpoint presentations with some nice pictures of México City.

One week later, 2 CDs with Mexican ranchera music was found in my snail mailbox, sent by Susana with UPS. Although ranchera music is not really my taste of music,  this sure was a nice surprise!

QSL: XERF La Poderosa 1570

XERF “La Poderosa”, located in the border city of Ciudad Acuña, is by far the most regularly heard Mexican radio station  here in Southern Norway. Even so, “La Poderosa” is not a regular catch, and the only chance of catching their signal on 1570 kHz is in the late winter mornings.

After a couple of tries, I received a friendly e-mail from Heberto Pérez Espín, Gerente, at the station.  “La Poderosa” lives up to their name and transmits with a power of 100 kilowatts targetting Mexicans living in the USA “without respect to their migrational status”, as Heberto Pérez Espín puts it  According to their home page, XERF “La Poderosa” covers all of Mexico as well as Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado and Kansas.