QSL: RTBF Vivacité 1125


Last QSL of the year came from RTBF in Brussels which verified my reception report on 1125 kHz carrying their “Vivacité” programming. Just like for my previous report to RTBF, the reply came in form of a real QSL card sent my postal mail.

There have been rumours of RTBF closing down their mediumwave transmitters, but as of today January 2, 2018, the transmitters on both 621 and 1125 kHz are still in operation. A close down wouldn’t come as a surprise, giving that almost all state owned broadcasters in Western Europe has dropped mediumwave during the last 10 years. The RTBF transmitter on 1125 kHz is located at Houdeng near La Louvière in Southern Belgium. It broadcasts with a power of 9,5 kilowatts.


QSL: RTBF La Première 621


Hearing RTBF can’t be considered DX-ing as its 300 kilowatt transmitter at Wavre south east  of Brussels on 621 kHz can be easily heard on almost any radio. This is a station I “forgot” to report in my DX-ing youth. An e-mail report  a month ago resulted in a real QSL card in my mailbox (see above). My report was on RTBFs “La Première” programme.