QSL: WMVP Chicago IL 1000

1000 khz is usually occupied by either a Cuban station or nothing at all at Lista. When conditions towards North America are good, however, WMVP in Chicago is a reasonably frequent guest too. I submitted a reception report for a January 2011 reception of WMVP to their Chief Engineer John D. Hurni who responded with a full detailed e-mail QSL. In addition he writes “You guys take on the toughest time of the year with the cold and darkness to be out there setting up your long wire antennas and all.!!  More power to you!”

WMVP is Chicago’s ESPN affiliate. It is a clear channel station using a power of 50 kilowatts from their transmitter site outside Chicago.


QSL: WYLL Chicago IL 1160

Another Chicago station heard at Lista in November 2007 was WYLL on 1160 kHz. WYLL is the dominant North American station on the channel and was heard with a good signal at times. There was quite a lot of interference from Radio Tay in Scotland on nearby 1161 kHz though as Scottish stations are incredibly strong at Lista. WYLL is a Christian radio station branded as “Chicago’s Christian Talk”.

Chief Engineer Paul Easter sent me an e-mail confirming my report. Paul is, by the way, also a HAM with the call sign W9PA.

QSL: WBBM Chicago IL 780

Several stations from Chicago came through quite well during the November 2007 DX pedition to Lista beating more commonly heard stations located further east. One of these stations was WBBM on 780 kHz which was heard with an equally good signal strength as the normally very dominant CFDR in Nova Scotia.

Ron Gleason, Director of News and Programming, sent me a brief e-mail confirming my reception of the station yesterday. WBBM, also known on-air as “Newsradio 780,” is an all-news radio station owned by CBS.

QSL: WGRB Chicago IL 1390



Nice e-mail from John Boehm of WGRB in Chicago, Illinois, confirming my audio clip of the station. John says my audio file was “barely listenable”, which is quite true as I have only been able to receive this station once, a January morning in 2006, at my home location, with poor quality. WGRB is an easy catch in Northern Scandinavia, but very uncommon in the south where I am living.

WGRB is “The All New Inspiration 13-90 AM” in Chicago with the slogan “Where the Ministry is in the Music”. They play nice gospel music which used to be available as an audio feed on the web as well, but now appears to be unavailable outside the US due to “licensing restrictions”. A pity as I quite enjoyed listening to their programme at my computer at work.