QSL: CFLN Goose Bay NL / CFGN Port-aux-Basques NL 1230


Signals from the CFCB radio network popped up also on 1230 kHz at the October 2008 DX pedition to Lista. These signals could originate from either CFLN in Goose Bay, Labrador or from CFGN in Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland, as both these transmitters repeats CFCB in their respective coverage area.

As far as I know, there is no way in separating these transmitters when they relay CFCB programming which they do most of the day. CFLN is listed with 1 kilowatt of power though while CFGN is only listed with 250 watts of power, which could indicate that we heard the most powerful transmitter (CFLN in Goose Bay).  CFLN will be moving to FM shortly so the next time we hear CFCB on 1230 kHz it will surely be CFGN… 🙂

Richard King kindly confirmed my reception of CFCB on 1230 kHz with another e-mail last week.


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