QSL: WGIN Biddeford ME 1400


My first QSL in 2017 arrived yesterday from Jeff Pierce, Operations Manager at 560 WGAN in Portland, Maine. Jeff confirmed my audio file of the WGAN repeater WGIN on 1400 kHz.

WGIN was received briefly one morning on last year’s DX pedition to Lista. 1400 kHz is not the most interesting channel there as this frequency is almost always occupied by either CBG in Gander, Newfoundland and/or WOND in Pleasantville, New Jersey. Other US stations rarely make it through, even though there are plenty of stations which it should be possible to hear on this frequency.

WGIN does not have own programming, it merely relays the programming of News Radio WGAN. Previously, it used to relay the programming of 1490 WBAE branded as “1400 and 1490 The Bay”. WBAE is an old friend of ours and can be heard easily on 1490 kHz every time at Lista. Both 560 WGAN, 970 WZAN, 1400 WGIN and 1490 WBAE belongs to the Portland Radio Group.

The transmitter of WGIN is located in Biddeford south of Portland and is meant to cover the York County. The power of the transmitter is 1 kilowatt.


QSL: WEGP Presque Isle ME 1390


Hearing WEGP is certainly not difficult. WEGP is one of the most frequently heard North American AM stations throughout Europe. With a power of 25 kilowatts day and 10 kilowatts night from its location at Presque Isle, Maine, next to the Canadian border, its signals travel across the Atlantic easily.

Getting a reply from the station, however, has proved difficult. Despite a number of attempts through the years, no luck untill last month when Operations Manager Bryan Lawrence confirmed my reception with an e-mail. This was for a report from last season’s DX-pedition to Lista when WEGP was, as usual, heard with armchair quality.

QSL: WGAN Portland ME 560


WGAN in Portland, Maine, has become a regular catch after CHVO in Newfoundland left the air in October 2008. Lara Seaver, Promotions Director, confirmed my MP3 recording of the station with a brief e-mail. A couple of weeks later on, Program Director Jeff Wade also confirmed my reception of WGAN with another e-mail.

This was another October 2008 catch at Lista. WGAN is now definitely the most common station on 560 kHz here with its news/talk format.

QSL: WLOB Portland ME 1310

A friendly e-mail from J.J. Jeffrey became my first verification from my last DX-pedition to Lista last month. Although conditions favoured South America and the Caribbean, WLOB in Portland, Maine, was heard at times interfering with the much more common signal from Radio Nacional de Venezuela. 1310 is an interesting frequency now that the 1200 kilowatt megamonster transmitter at Kvitsøy on 1314 kHz has left the air. From a Norwegian DX-ers point of view, they have hopefully switched off their transmitter for good…

QSL: WDEA Ellsworth ME 1370

Fred Miller, Chief Operator of Cumulus Media verified my report of WDEA in Ellsworth, Maine, yesterday. This was also for a report from our Lista DXpedition in February where WDEA was heard with a good signal on 1370 kHz. Freds says say their 5 kW transmitter is located in Surrey while their studios are in Brewer. By the way, Fred Miller’s voice can be heard promoting WDEA if you click beside the “Listen to the WDEA audio introduction” at http://www.bangoradvertising.com/stations.htm

QSL: WBAE Portland ME 1490

Another station which replied by e-mail yesterday was WBAE in Portland, Maine. WBAE is one of the two stations (the other is WUSS) which is heard regularly on 1490 kHz. They are always identifying as “The Bay” and also transmits on 1400 Khz, but I have never been able to pick them up on 1400 kHz. v/s was Lara Seaver, Promotions Director.