About this blog

This is my “radio diary” where I will be writing about what I can hear on mediumwave- and shortwave at my location – Lunde, Norway.

My radio receivers are a Palstar R-30 and a computer based Winradio G-313E. The antenna I use at home is a simple 100 metre longwire antenna.

I also participate in DX-peditions to Lista (GC: 58°07′30″N / 6°36′45″ E) on the south west coast of Norway once or twice a year.


One thought on “About this blog

  1. Hello Arild,

    Read on your Radio blog that you have received a email QSL from WBEN, Buffalo. I have tried to get a QSL from this station too, but so far no joy.
    I like to sent them a email with a soundfile but the email addresses on their webpage don’t accept attachments. Do you have a email address
    for me of Tim Wenger who verified your report? Thanks in advance.


    Rein Faber
    The Netherlands.

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