DX-pedition to Lista January 31 – February 3, 2008

The 2nd DX-pedition of the 2008 season to Lista took place between January 31 and February 3, again accompanied by Torgeir Nyen. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky with the conditions this time as we were in November 2007. Conditions were quite good towards the East Coast of North America on the first night. The last 2 nights were poor and only brought stations from Latin America and hardly any stations at all from North America. Almost no stations from the Americas could be heard above 1000 kHz during the last 2 nights either.

Despite average to poor conditions, there were still a few highlights: 620 Antigua BS, 700 Jamaica, 700 Radio Sucre (stations from Ecuador are rare!), 1570 RCN Tegucigalpa, 1570 WECU Winterville NC and 1590 WAUB Auburn NY.

Update October 25, 2009: An updated log has now been published.


5 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista January 31 – February 3, 2008

  1. for all of you please note! 1320 CKEC radio in new glasgow nova scotia canada will be shutting down their “am” transmitter on march 11th/2008 at 9:41 am in the morning.it will mark the end of another AM going silent in north america. ckec operated at 1320 since the mid 1950’s til this tuesday. they have been broadcasting at 94.1 fm with a power of 80,000 watts. the old am transmitter broadcasted at 25,000 watts and has been hear din norway and south africa as well as many other places in the world over the years.
    your last 2 nights to listen are coming up on march 9 and 10th,2008..say goodbye to 1320 am ckec..

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