QSL: HJCV Radio Cordillera 1190


Another QSL from Bogotá: This time from another regular, Radio Cordillera on 1190 kHz. This is also a station which pops up whenever conditions favours Colombia. It has been some time since we had a good opening towards Colombia at Lista. My report to Radio Cordillera dated back to January 2011.

Yaned Caro, Subdirectora Admininstrativa at parent company Todelar Radio verified my rather antique report with a very nice e-mail reply. Yaned also enclosed a nice Christmas jingle from the station. Radio Cordillera is listed with a power of 5 kilowatts.


QSL: HJCG Radio Santa Fe 1070


Radio Santa Fe is heard quite regularly on its frequency of 1070 kHz. It is one of the most commonly heard Bogotá stations. I have heard them many times, but getting a reply has been more of a challenge. Several attempts was needed before Blanca Bernal Mahe confirmed my reception of the station some weeks ago. This was for a recording made at Lista in November 2009.

Radio Santa Fe is an old radio station, founded back in 1938 by the father of the above mentioned Blanca Bernal, Sr. Hernando Bernal Andrade. Earlier on the station also used to broadcast on shortwave 4965 kHz, but those times are long gone. The mediumwave transmitter is listed with a transmitter output of 30 kilowatts.

QSL: HJCA Cadena Melodía 730

Cadena Melodía in Bogotá is one of the most common Colombians heard in Norway on its AM frequency 730 kHz. That’s not surprising giving that the transmitter has a listed output of 100 kilowatts.

Cadena Melodía also used to be heard on shortwave 6140 kHz some years ago, but it seems like this channel has now been closed for good. My reports to the station, both on their shortwave and mediumwave outlets, have remained unanswered. That changed a few days ago when I received an e-mail from the station with a not too perfect verification text, but still “good enough” to be counted as a QSL. This was for a report from the January 2011 DX-pedition to Lista when conditions certainly weren’t favourable towards Colombia. We heard very few stations from Colombia or Venezuela on this DX-pedition, only the most commons ones like Cadena Melodía came through.

QSL: HJJZ Radio Manantial 1310

I have been trying hard to get a verification from Radio Manantial in Bogotá, a station which I have heard several times at Lista on 1310 kHz. A few years ago, I also heard this station when the station Colorín Color Radio used this frequency. Radio Manantial can occasionaly be heard at Lista beating the much more common signal of Radio Nacional de Venezuela on the same frequency.

Last week, however, I finally received an e-mail from the station. This was for a report from the February 2008 DX pedition to Lista.

HJJX RCN Radio Bogotá 770

Ana Maria Davila, Asistente Nacional de Gerencia Producción at RCN Radio in Bogotá, sent me an e-mail confirming my reception of HJJX RCN Radio on 770 kHz. RCN is quite possibly the Colombian station which can be heard most often and with the best signal at my place and can be heard even if conditions are only so-so towards the Caribbean or South America.

My recording was from the November 2007 DX pedition to Lista when RCN Radio could be heard well on the first night despite conditions being much better towards North America than towards the Caribbean/South America.

QSL: Emisora Nuevo Continente 1460




Emisora Nuevo Continente in Bogotá was heard briefly on the November 2006 DX-pedition to Lista on 1460 kHz. Yesterday I received an e-mail with a Word attachment confirming my reception of the station and also some pictures of their studios and their staff.

Emisora Nuevo Continente is a religious station branding themselves as “Nuevo Continente – La Alternativa Diferente”. The station also has a live audio stream on the Internet.