DX-pedition to Lista, March 3-11, 2018

This years more or less annual DX-pedition to Lista took place quite late in the season, from March 3 to March 11. My DX compadres were, just like last year, Torgeir Nyen and Tore Johnny Bråtveit. Due to work commitments, I could only participate in the first 3 days of the DX-pedition, but these days turned out (luckily for me) to be the most interesting ones.

Our antennas this time were our usual antenna directed towards the East Coast of North America/Florida/Cuba and an antenna directed towards the West Coast of North America. Both antennas roughly 600 metres long and both performing well.

Although I have been to Lista at least 15 times now, it is still possible to hear new stations there. Conditions were fair to good towards North America most of the time, especially towards the East Coast of North America. My aim of catching 10 new stations should thus be reached quite easily.

We made many recordings and it will certainly take time to go through them all. Highlights found on our recordings so far include: 960 WTGM Salisbury MD, 970 WNYM Hackensack NJ, 1100 WHLI Hempstead NY, 1290 WWTX Wilmington DE, 1440 WLWI Montgomery AL, 1470 WWBG Greensboro NC, 1510 WFAI Salem NJ and 1600 WCPK Chesapeake VA. The latter, WCPK, possibly not noted in Scandinavia previously.

Our log is available as a Google Docs document, updated continously. New stations are marked with a red colour and the last additions to the log with a blue colour.


36 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista, March 3-11, 2018

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