QSL: CKGA Gander NL 650

CKGA in Gander, Newfoundland, is one of the most commonly heard North American radio stations here. The station can be heard almost every night in the winter season on its frequency 650 kHz, provided you have a decent radio and antenna of course. CKGA is part of the VOCM Radio Network in Newfoundland and simulcasts the mainstream VOCM programming most of the day.

On both the November 2007 and the February 2008 DX-pedition to Lista, CKGA could, however, be heard signing on at 06.00 a.m. local time with a local station identification. The station identification was announced as: “6-50 C-K-G-A Gander, a Newcap Radio Field Communication Station”. 6.00 a.m. equals 10.30 our local time and it was a bit surprising to hear CKGA so late in the morning as 10.30 was about 2 hours past our local sunrise. The ever so kind Richard King, Program Director, who has confirmed a couple of my other reports of VOCM radio stations previously, also confirmed my audio clip of CKGA with an e-mail.


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