QSL: WXEX Exeter NH 1540


The evenings provided some excellent DX at our latest DX-pedition at Lista. One of the stations heard was WXEX located in Exeter, New Hampshire. We had logged WXEX on a previous DX-pedition (with a very noisy signal) and had some hopes of hearing this station this time too. Indeed, WXEX made it to our radios on the excellent opening on January 16. Their signal was astonishingly clear for some minutes playing a.o. Pointer Sisters “It’s Raining Men”.

Steve Thomas confirmed my reception of WXEX with a brief e-mail. WXEX broadcasts with a daytime power of just 5 kilowatts (and a nighttime power of tiny 3 watts…). Their web page describe their music format programming as “featuring great “Rock ‘N Roll, Pop & Motown” tunes primarily from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s”.


WDER Derry NH 1320


1320 kHz is an interesting frequency now that CKEC in Nova Scotia (a real powerhouse here) has left the frequency. Several new stations were heard on this frequency at the October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista. One of the stations heard was WDER in Derry, New Hampshire, which came through briefly early one evening when they were presumably still on their day time power of 10 kilowatts.

WDER broadcasts a Christian radio format and belongs to the “Life Changing Radio” group of radio stations in New England. Other stations in this group are a.o. 1590 WARV and 1500 WFIF, 2 stations which are heard quite regularly at Lista. Bill Blount, President, confirmed my recording and even says he is amazed how clearly I received the signal of WDER!

QSL: WMYF Portsmouth NH 1380


1380 kHz has become an interesting frequency now that CKLC in Ontario left the frequency for FM some time ago. One of the stations which made it to our radios on 1380 kHz at the October 2008 DX pedition to Lista was WMYF in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. WMYF was noted several times at this DX pedition, both early in the evening and at our local sunrise.

WMYF broadcasts an adult standards format with a transmitter of 1 kilowatt. Operations Manager Jeff Pierce confirmed my reception of the station with an e-mail last week.

QSL: WGAM Manchester NH 1250


WGAM in Manchester, New Hampshire, was another surprise catch from the October 2008 DX-pedition to Lista. WGAM was heard as early as 21.22 UTC (5.22 p.m. EST) one evening, but faded away rather quickly.

WGAM, dubbed “The Game – New Hampshire’s Sports Radio”, broadcasts with a power of 5 kilowatts simulcasting with WGHM in the neighbouring town of Nashua on 900 kHz. Michael S. Winn, General Manager, confirmed my reception with a brief e-mail some days ago.

QSL: WEZS Laconia NH 1350


Catching the signal of WEZS on 1350 kHz at the last DX-pedition to Lista was a big but pleasant surprise.  WEZS was caught with a top of the hour identification at 22.00 UTC on the first night of our DX-pedition. Not too good a signal, but enough for a postitive identification. WEZS is an Oldies music station located in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Owner and General Manager Gary W. Hammond sent me an e-mail today verifying my reception of the station.  He says WEZS dates back all the time to 1922 with the call sign WKAV becoming WEZS in 1994. At present WEZS operates with a daytime power of 5 kilowatts into a 192 foot (58 metre) non-directional antenna located at Sanbornton, New Hampshire. Their regular service area normally encompasses about 65 to 70 miles (105-112 kilometres) only. This season, however, the signal of WEZS has been heard by several DX-ers in Norway and Finland.