QSL: OAX4O Radio Victoria 6020


QSLs from shortwave stations are rare these days as there are simple not a lot of stations left on the shortwave dial.  Radio Victoria in Lima is one of very few stations in the bigger cities of Peru which are still transmitting on shortwave. The station has been heard quite regularly on both 6020 kHz and 9720 kHz here with 6020 kHz providing best reception. The programmes are not too exciting as they only consist of the religious “La Voz de la Liberación”  programmes. Radio Victoria is owned and operated by the pentecostal church “Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor” run by Brazilian missionary David Miranda.

Today I found a friendly e-mail from Henrique Silvo Ramos, Administrador, who, judging from his name, must be a Brazilian living in Lima.


E-mail from Radio UNAM 9600

Lic. Teófilo Huerta Moreno with the very nice title “Jefe del Depto. de Planeación y Asistente del Director General” sent me a brief e-mail yesterday thanking me for writing to them and promising a QSL-card. Radio UNAM can times be heard in the mornings on 9600 kHz, always playing classical music, somewith a weak signal. The quality of their audio feed on the Internet is considerably better!

Radio UNAM logged on 9599,3 kHz

Radio UNAM in Mexico was heard for the first time at my place on February 11 on 9599,3 kHz. The station was heard from tune in at 08.50 untill fade out as late as 10.30. Reception peaked around 10.00 when the signal was quite good. The entire programme consisted of classical music with only a few announcements near the top of the hour. The entire programme schedule for this transmission can be found on the stations web pages and by going through this schedule I soon found out I listened to mainly classical concerts by Shostakovich and Berlioz. New stations popping out of Mexico on the shortwave band is a rare event, and I am quite pleased about their signal making it all the way to Norway!

First logging of Wantok Radio Light

Pleased to hear Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea yesterday, January 8, from 11.20 untill 12.57 on 7120 kHz. The signal was poor to fair and was covered by China Radio International asigning ont 12.57 on the same frequency. The programme consisted of mostly non stop religious programmes with some announcements in English in between the music played. Conditions seem to have improved quite a bit now as this was my very first logging of Wantok Radio Light. I had several unsuccessful attempts in December.

Finally – a log!

It’s been a very long time since I last tuned the bands, so I have had no fresh logs to present in this blog. Hopefully this will change now when the days are shortening. Here’s a log from a couple of days back:
9703,9 3.9 2250 La Voix du Sahel, Niger, heard very well tonight with French talk and West African songs. Signed off at 2300 with the national anthem. I haven’t heard Niger for years, and never as strong as tonight.

The DX season is starting!

I unpacked my radio equipment last weekend. The radios had been stored in the basement of my house for the entire summer. Hopefully this will mean that I can present a couple of logs in my blog, and not only e-mail-QSLs from last season. When tuning the bands last evening, the only interesting thing noted was that the Norwegian monster transmitter at Kvitsøy 1314 kHz had indeed been turned off (the transmitter was turned off already on June 30).