QSL: WINY Putnam CT 1350


A nice surprise found on our recordings from Lista in January 2014 was WINY in Putnam, Connecticut on 1350. The signal of WINY was heard for about one minute only as early as 21.38 UTC one evening. At this time WINY presumably still broadcast with their listed day time power of 5 kilowatts.

WINY is a local radio station owned by the Osbrey Broadcasting Corporation. Karen Osbrey confirmed my reception of the station with a brief e-mail today.


QSL: WATR Waterbury CT 1320


WATR in Waterbury, Connecticut, was another nice catch at our last venture to Lista in October 2008. WATR came up with a clear station identification around local sunset in Connecticut at 22.00 UTC. I guess the station switched from their listed day time power of 5 kilowatts to the night time power of 1 kilowatt at around this time.

After a couple of tries, General Manager Tom Chute confirmed my reception of the station with an e-mail last week.

QSL: WTIC Hartford CT 1080

WTIC in Hartford, Connecticut is a station which is frequenctly heard in Southern Norway with their “Newstalk 10-80 WTIC slogan” . WTIC is definitely the most common North American station on 1080 and can sometimes be heard well above the Spanish stations on the same frequency. Today I received a nice reply from Chief Engineer Jeff R. Hugabone confirming my report from February last year.

QSL: WFIF Milford CT 1500

WFIF in Milford, Connecticut, has been heard several times during the DX-peditions to Lista. It is the most common U.S. day timer station heard there. Today I received a nice verification from WFIF Engineer Willie Barnett. Willie is a HAM too with the call sign N1NKM. He says he even enjoys confirming DX reports to WFIF as long as they are sent by e-mail. Willie adds that reports sent by postal mail are a pain and will simply not be responded. At the time I heard them, William tells me the station was running 5,000 watts untill 5:30 p.m. local time before dropping to 500 watts for 15 minutes and then signing off at 5:45 p.m.

Despite this, in October I also received a letter, schedule and sticker by postal mail. This letter was signed by Beverley Ann Previs, Office Manager