QSL: WJMO Cleveland OH 1300

1300 kHz is often an interesting frequency where it is possible to hear a variety of stations at my listening post at Lista. One of the more regular ones is WJMO in Cleveland, Ohio, usually with their easily recognizable gospel music programming. WJMO was heard well both in November 2009 as well as on several other DX-peditions to Lista. Oddly, they were not heard at all during my last visit to Lista in January 2011.

WJMO, branded as “Praise 1300 – Cleveland’s Inspirational Station” broadcast with a power of 5 kilowatts. Gary Zocolo, Chief Engineer & IT Manager at the station kindly confirmed my report with an attached QSL letter some weeks back.


QSL: WHK Cleveland OH 1420


A recent reply from 1440 WHKZ made me send another report to Chief Engineer Dave Johnson at Salem Communications in Cleveland, Ohio. This time a report to another station owned by Salem Communications, WHK in Cleveland. WHK was heard briefly at Lista in November 2007 on its frequency 1420 kHz. Dave Johnson kindly sent me another verification, this time confirming my reception of WHK.

QSL: WHKZ Warren OH 1440

1440 kilohertz is a very interesting frequency now that Luxembourg vacates the frequency most of the night. At Lista in October 2008, we managed to hear no less than 5 different U.S. stations on this frequency. One of them was WHKZ in Warren, Ohio, which was heard pretty well at times at this frequency. Most of the time WRED in Maine dominated the frequency though, as could be expected.

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail with a nice QSL letter attached from Chief Engineer Dave Johnson at Salem Communications Cleveland. Dave says the WHKZ transmitter is located at Lordstown just south of Warren transmitting with a power of 5 kilowatts. WHKZ simulcasts “1220 The Word” (1220 WHKW in Cleveland) most of the time, but has some local programming originating in Warren too.

QSL: WHBC Canton OH 1480



I managed to hear WHBC in Canton, Ohio, briefly at the February 2006 DX-pedition to Lista. WHBC is only a “number 3” station on 1480 kHz at Lista and usually competes with the far more common stations WMDD in Puerto Rico and WSAR in Massachusetts.

After a couple of attempts, I received a friendly e-mail from Chief Engineer Dale Lamm today. Dale apologizes for the delay in anwering, but says he has been with his new job as chief engineer of WHBC. Dale is also a HAM with the call sign NX8J and promises to even send an official confirmation by postal mail.