QSL: OBX4W Callao Super Radio 1400


Hearing Transatlantic stations on mediumwave with my 70 metre random wire antenna at my home QTH is a challenge. Sometimes you can be lucky though and catch the signals of stations which I haven’t even heard at Lista. A station which I had never heard before was Callao Super Radio from Callao, Peru, on 1400 kHz. This station faded up to beat the dominants CBG and Emisora Mariana one morning back in February. I received a brief e-mail verification from the station some weeks ago.


QSL: OAX4O Radio Victoria 6020


QSLs from shortwave stations are rare these days as there are simple not a lot of stations left on the shortwave dial.  Radio Victoria in Lima is one of very few stations in the bigger cities of Peru which are still transmitting on shortwave. The station has been heard quite regularly on both 6020 kHz and 9720 kHz here with 6020 kHz providing best reception. The programmes are not too exciting as they only consist of the religious “La Voz de la Liberación”  programmes. Radio Victoria is owned and operated by the pentecostal church “Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor” run by Brazilian missionary David Miranda.

Today I found a friendly e-mail from Henrique Silvo Ramos, Administrador, who, judging from his name, must be a Brazilian living in Lima.

QSL: Radio Libertad 1310


Radio Libertad was a surprise catch one morning in Occtober when DX-ing with my very modest equipment at my home QTH. This station has been heard a couple of times in Scandinavia, but as far as I know it is not a very common catch on its frequency of 1310 kHz. Radio Libertad broadcasts from the lovely city of Arequipa, Peru, a city I had the chance to visit myself some years ago.

After a couple of tries Oscar Roumainville Tejada sent me an e-mail confirming my reception of the station yesterday.

QSL: Radio Nuevo Tiempo 1380



Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Lima, Peru, was heard one morning around sunrise in September last year on 1380 kHz. This is a rare logging for me as this is the only time I have ever been able to receive Radio Nuevo Tiempo at my place. Mirtha de Cabrera at the station sent me an e-mail confirming my reception of the station some days ago. She tells me that the station now has a live audio stream on the web, which no doubts provides more regular reception of the station here in Norway…