QSL: WKGM Smithfield VA 940


Conditions were occasionally very good towards the East Coast of North America at Lista in March. Several rare stations from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina were noted with daytime power in the evening on March 5. One of the stations heard this evening was WKGM which was heard with a surprisingly good signal announcing a.o. their web address yourministrystation.com.

WKGM is licensed to Smithfield, Virginia and carries, as the name of the web site implies, religious programming. They broadcast with a day time power of 10 kilowatts. Despite a relative powerful transmitter, this was the very first time we caught WKGM at Lista. A short but sufficient e-mail confirmed my reception of the station some weeks ago.


QSL: TGVE Radio VEA 1570

VEARadio VEA in Guatemala is heard from time to time, but is by no means a frequent guest on its mediumwave frequency of 1570 kHz. Some attempts were needed to get a reply, but today I received a short but friendly e-mail confirming my reception of the station at Lista from January 2016. Only my second verification from Guatemala in my more than 30 year long DX career!

Radio VEA – or Radio Voz Evangélica de América which is the full name of the station – is as the name implies a religious station. The station has been on the air since 1960 and broadcasts with a power of 10 kilowatts from Guatemala City.

QSL: WWTX Wilmington DE 1290

WWTXHearing Delaware was beyond all expectations before heading to Lista last March. Delaware is widely regarded among Scandinavian DX-ers as being the most elusive of all U.S. states to hear. Delaware is still may be not the most difficult state at Lista. I would consider both Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico and certainly Hawaii to be even rarer at, but Delaware is still a very difficult state.

We were thus very excited to find the signal of WWTX on 1290 kHz when reviewing our recordings. WWTX came through one night just before powering down from their day time power of 2,5 kilowatts to their night time power of just 32 watts. We heard them mentioning their web site as well as a commercial for a local firm in Wilmington.

WWTX carries Fox Sports Radio and is branded as “Delaware’s All Sports Station”. Program Director Kathryn Alt confirmed my reception with an e-mail last week.

QSL: KOTA Rapid City SD 1380

Kota Logo 2017 lg

Stations from both North and South Dakota are a rarity at Lista. The only station from South Dakota which I have ever heard as of today is KOTA. I have heard KOTA a couple of times on 1380 kHz, but never as good as on our last DX-pedition in March 2018.

Ted Peiffer, General Manager, confirmed my audio recording and says he is always glad to hear how far their signal reaches. KOTA broadcasts a news talk format and has been on the air from Rapid City in Western South Dakota, since 1936. The station broadcasts with a power of 10 kilowatts daytime, 1 kilowatt nighttime.


QSL: CJLO Montréal QC 1690


There are not many student radio stations broadcasting on AM, and certainly not many of them reaching Norway. CJLO in Montréal, however, is occasionally heard on 1690 kHz here broadcasting with 1 kilowatt. The station broadcasts from Concordia University and has been broadcasting on AM since 2008.

Allison O’Reilly, Program Director at the station, sent me a kind e-mail confirming my reception of the station made back at Lista in March 2013.


QSL: WRCA Watertown MA 1330


I have not had much success in getting a verification from WRCA, despite many tries over the years. WRCA is an easy catch and can be easily received on 1330 kHz here, it is by far the most common station on the frequency. A power of 25 kilowatts daytime and 17 kilowatts nighttime from their transmitter in Watertown outside Boston means they are widely heard.

WRCA has carried a variety of formats during the last decade, but since July 2017 the station has broadcast financial news from Bloomberg Radio. Michael Lysak of Bloomberg Radio kindly confirmed my audio recording from Lista in March. When I heard WRCA, the station had many local station identifications and announcements in addition to the network programming.

QSL: CHML Hamilton ON 900


CHML has been heard a couple of times by me at Lista, but is by no means a regular station despite a power of 50 kilowatts. The main reason for that is that CHML shares the frequency with many other stations, not least with European stations RAI in Italy and Radio Popular de Bilbao in Spain.

CHML hasn’t replied to my reports previously, but today Rick Zamperin, Assistant Program, News & Senior Sports Director at the station, confirmed my recording from Lista in January 2011. CHML airs a news/talk format branded as Global News Radio 900 CHML from Hamilton, Ontario.