QSL: KCTA Corpus Christi TX 1030


Hearing daytimers from Texas is by no means a common occurence. At Lista in January 2014, however, we were lucky to catch the signal of Christian station KCTA signing off at 00.00 UTC. Their signal was quite good at close down, even beating the signal of superdominant station on 1030 kHz WBZ in Boston for a minute or two.

KCTA is a daytime only station broadcasting with a power of 50 kilowatts. For this they call themselves “the most powerful station in South Texas”. The station is located in the coastal city of Corpus Christi and broadcasts traditional and conservative Christian programming.

My attempts in contacting KCTA by e-mail resulted in absolutely nothing. A letter and CD sent by postal mail (yes, this is still possible…) was substantially more successful. Gracie Dinsdale sent me a nice and friendly letter also by postal mail. Besides confirming my reception of the station, Gracie also enclosed a colourful KCTA calendar, some stickers and a pen. Such a reply is certainly not a common occurence in 2016!


QSL: KGOW Bellaire TX 1560


Texas bonanza! My 3rd successive Texas verification came when A.D. Rigmaiden, Chief Engineer at Gow Media, confirmed by audio clip of KGOW on 1560 kHz. I have heard KGOW a couple of times at Lista, always when they are using their day time power of 46 kilowatts. Sometimes 46 kilowatts are enough to compete with and even beat the signal of WQEW in New York.

KGOW now broadcasts Yahoo Sports Radio and the Yahoo Sports Radio Network operations are also based at KGOW. KGOW is licensed to Bellaire just south of Houston.

QSL: KKGM Fort Worth TX 1630


KKGM in Fort Worth, Texas, was heard with a decent signal at Lista in March 2013. KKGM is a station I have heard before, but only with a signal too poor for sending a reception report to the station. I was lucky with my first attempt for KKGM when Paul T. Hughes, Program/Music/Public Affairs Director, confirmed my reception of the station.

KKGM broadcast a “Southern Gospel” format with both music and Christian talk. When I heard KKGM, they identified as “The Spirit of Hope”.

QSL: KRZI Waco TX 1660


1660 kHz is usually occupied by either WCNZ in Florida or WWRU in New Jersey. On the January 2011 DX-pedition to Lista, however, 2 new stations were heard: WQLR in Michigan and KRZI in Texas. The latter was heard one morning with good signals with ESPN programming. Thankfully, ESPN has pretty frequent local breaks too and several local promotions were heard.

KRZI, located in Waco in Central Texas, broadcasts with a night power of 1 kilowatt. The programmes are also simulcast on 1330 kHz and on 100.9 on FM.  Gary L. Moss, President, confirmed my reception of KRZI with an e-mail.

QSL: WBAP Fort Worth TX 820

820 kHz was one of the most interesting frequencies on the November 2007 DX pedition to Lista. Normally, only Radio Paradise in St.Kitts-Nevis can be heard on this frequency with their (very boring) overnight TBN programming. During the 3 nights we were at Lista, several other stations both from Latin America and North America were competing with Radio Paradise, however.

One of the stations which was heard was WBAP in Fort Worth, Texas. WBAP was heard all 3 nights, usually peaking in the mornings. Operations Manager Tyler Cox kindly confirmed my e-mail report today.