QSL: CJCA Edmonton AB 930


First QSL from the latest DX-pedition to Lista arrived when Johnny Rocket, Program Director, confirmed my reception of CJCA on 930 kHz. CJCA was heard late one morning on this DX-pedition on our antenna directed towards the West Coast of North America. This was our very first reception of CJCA.

CJCA broadcast Christian programming from Edmonton, Alberta, usually using the branding and identification “930 – The Light”. Their transmitter power is 50 kilowatts, but despite this CJCA is definitely not a regular catch at such a southernly location as Lista. Contrary to the Arctic, CJCA has to compete with the signal of several stations on the East Coast (notably CJYQ, CFCB and WBEN) at Lista.



QSL: CHRB High River AB 1140

The first verification from the latest DX-pedititon to Lista (November 2009) came from CHRB in High River, Alberta. CHRB had a very good signal several mornings during our stay and could even be heard well into the afternoon untill around 15.00 local time (14.00 UTC). That was quite exceptional as CHRB was a station I had never managed to hear untill this DX-pedition. This time we could listen to this station for several hours with good quality and no interference.

Laverne Siemens, Director of Engineering at parent company Golden West Radio, confirmed my reception of CHRB with a full detailed QSL letter as a Word attachment.  He tells that CHRB operates with a power of 50 Kilowatts 24 hours a day into a four tower array during the night and into a 500’ omni tower during the day.

QSL: CKMX Calgary AB 1060


As mentioned a couple of times earlier on blog, we heard a number of unusual stations at Lista in October 2008. I have to add that many of the stations which we consider “unusual” are powerhouses up in Arctic Norway and Arctic Scandinavia though. One of these, CKMX in Calgary, popped up one morning on 1060 kHz at Lista with a clear station identification among the country music played.

Engineer Richard Luddick confirmed my reception of CKMX with an e-mail yesterday. This was my very first verification from a station in Alberta.