QSL: WEEX Easton PA 1230


WEEX was heard briefly at Lista in January 2011. Previous attempts at getting a reply from the station were all in vain untill Tom Fallon, Program Director, confirmed my reception of WEEX some weeks ago. My thanks to Bjarne Mjelde for providing a working e-mail address for Tom and especially (of course) to Tom for replying to my not-so-perfect recording of his station.

1230 kHz is a frequency where it is possible to dig out many North American stations. I have only been able to hear WEEX once so far, so WEEX is definitely not the most commonly heard station on the frequency. WEEX broadcasts with a night time power of 1 kilowatt from Easton, Pennsylvania. The station usually carries ESPN programming.


QSL: WFNN Erie PA 1330

WRCA in Watertown, Massachusetts, is by far the most commonly heard station on 1330 kHz. The second most common station is WFNN in Erie, Pennsylvania, which can be heard every now and then with Fox Sports programming. The station usually identifies simply as “The Fan”.

Chales Lelievre at parent company Connoisseur Media confirmed my reception with an e-mail and also attached the above QSL card with his e-mail.

Fox Sports Radio AM 1330: The Fan

QSL: WPHT Philadelphia PA 1210

Marc Rayfield, SVP Market Manager/General Manager of WPHT-AM, sent me an e-mail last Saturday confirming my reception of WPHT in Philadelphia on 1210 on the November 2007 DX pedition to Lista.

At Lista, WPHT is the most commonly heard station on 1210 kHz along with VOAR in Newfoundland. On a southernly location such as Lista, however, where you can almost see the transmitting towers of Virgin Radio in Scotland on nearby 1215 kHz, the signal of Virgin Radio  is often so strong that it entirely spoils reception of any AM stations on nearby 1210 and 1220 kHz. During November 2007, the signals of both VOAR and WPHT on 1210 as well as WHKW on 1220 were at times sufficiently strong to be heard through the splash. WPHT brands itself both as “The Big Talker” as well as “Philly’s No. 1 For Talk Radio”.

WPHT is my 100th verified U.S. radio station! (including both medium- and shortwave).