QSL: Radio Caracas Radio 750

Radio Caracas Radio – or RCR which the station is more commonly known as – in Caracas is the most frequent guest on 750 kHz at my place whenever conditions turn southwards.

RCR was also heard on the November 2007 DX-pedition at Lista even though the conditions definitely favoured North America at that time. RCR was one of only a few Venezuelans coming through on the DX-pedition, and I have heard them with a much better signal on previous occasions. When I heard them in November, I listened in to a baseball (or “beisból” as it’s called in Spanish) game featuring the team Navegantes del Magallanes. Navegantes del Magallanes is the team of RCR, says Claudia Camperos at the Gte. Producción RCR, who sent me an e-mail confirming my reception today. Claudia says the station mainly transmits news and what she calls “programas de opinión”, but that they also have a lot of sports especially at the weekends.


QSL: Radio Fé y Alegría 850



Radio Fé y Alegría in Maracaibo, Venezuela, was one of the stations heard at Lista in November 2005 when the station was heard fairly well on 850 kHz. I haven’t had any success in getting any reply from the station, untill yesterday when I received an e-mail with a perfect verification text from Javier Barros.

At my place, Radio Fé y Alegría is fairly regular on 1390 khz via their transmitter in Caracas. Hearing their other outlets, such as the one in Maracaibo, is more difficult.

QSL: Radio Nacional de Venezuela 1310


After the closure of the 1200 kilowatt mega transmitter at Kvitsøy here in Norway on 1314 kHz, hearing Radio Nacional de Venezuela on 1310 kHz has been dead easy. Radio Nacional de Venezuela is definitely the most commonly heard station on 1310 kHz and has been heard with good signals on all the Lista DX-peditions since then. I have also heard them at my home QTH several times. The 1310 kHz transmitter of RNV is located in the city of Barcelona and has a power of 10 kilowatts according to the WRTH.

Getting a reply from the station has not been easy, but yesterday I received a nice e-mail from Freddy R. Santos, Asistente de Producción at the Canal Internacional of Radio Nacional de Venezuela. Freddy also promises to send a QSL-card and some postcards by ordinary mail – nice!

QSL: Radio Sintonía 1420



Radio Sintonía in Caracas, Venezuela, replied with a brief e-mail which I with some doubts count as a QSL. Radio Sintonía was one of my best catches on the November 2006 DX-pedition to Lista when the station could be heard along with the signal of Radio Marabina one night. The signal of Radio Sintonía was well below the signal of Radio Marabina most of the time though. Radio Marabina is normally very strong on 1420 kHz at Lista, so I am really pleased about having been able to pick up the signal of another Venezuelan station on this frequency.

QSL: YVKH Radio Recuerdos 1300

Vanessa Osorio at the Departamento de Imagen Corporativa of Circuito FM Center  in Caracas, Venezuela, sent me a friendly e-mail confirming my report of Radio Recuerdos on 1300 kHz. Radio Recuerdos has been heard several times when I have been at Lista, usually playing nostalgia music. At Lista, Radio Recuerdos is often the dominant station on the frequency when conditions favours Colombia, Venezuela and the Caribbean. Radio Recuerdos belong to the Venezuelan “Circuito” Radio Network along with a number of other stations, including an old acquaintance of mine: Radio Táchira (x4830 kHz).