QSL: BBC Radio Foyle 792

It’s been more than 10 years since my last QSL from the UK. I have sent a couple of reports to a few stations that never bothered to reply in the 1990s through the last years, most notably to Buzz Asia (963/972 kHz) and Asian Sound Radio (963/1377 kHz), but also to a few other stations. One of the very few BBC local stations which never replied in the 1980s and the 1990s was BBC Radio Foyle in Northern Ireland.

A new report brought a brief verification signed by Emma Taylor and some postcards through postal mail. This was for a report from January 2011 when BBC Radio Foyle was heard pretty well one afternoon on 792 kHz at Lista. BBC Radio Foyle used to be heard more regularly in the past, nowadays the station suffers from strong interference from both MDR Info in Germany and Radio France among others.

I had the chance to visit the city of Londonderry (known more commonly as Derry) some years ago. A nice city with a truly interesting history and a very beautiful old city wall surrounding the city centre. Despite this, not many people visit Derry. They definitely should.


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