QSL: WURA Quantico VA 920

920 kHz is an interesting frequency now that CJCH has left the frequency. Nowadays the frequency is normally occupied by another Canadian, CKNX in Wingham, Ontario. Other and more interesting radio stations occasionally turn up on this frequency too. On the last DX-pedition to Lista some months ago (January 2011), I noticed a station playing Mexican music on 920 kHz. I expected this to actually be a Mexican station too, but upon reviewing my recordings it turned out to be WURA licenced to Quantico, Virginia. The station played nice Tex Mex music identifying in Spanish as “Una Señora Emisora”. WURA is certainly not a regular visitor here, this might have been the first logging in Norway, but the station was also heard by several Finnish DX-ers at about the same time. WURA is listed with a night time effect of just 970 watts.

A short but friendly e-mail from Al Hammond confirmed my reception of the station some weeks ago. My thanks to Jari Ruohomäki for providing a workable e-mail address to the station.


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