QSL: Big L 1395

Big L has had a pretty turbulent time broadcasting on 1395 kHz. The station has been off the air since around February 1, owing both to a weak daytime signal in the targeted audience area in England, technical problems with the transmitter and financial problems according to the usually very reliable Media Network blog.

When I heard them in January 2011, their signal was certainly very impressive at Lista (with a 800 long antenna, I have to add). The transmitter, located in Trintelhaven near Lelystad, The Netherlands, used to broadcast with a power of 20 kilowatts (reduced to 10 kilowatts at times).

Big L replied with a nice full detailed QSL-card as promised on their web page, some stickers and some information about the station. The QSL card is depicted above. Despite Big L being off the air, there was nothing in the information provided in their reply nor on their web page indicating that the station is no longer transmitting on 1395 kHz. Weird. Will the station ever return to the mediumwave band? I doubt it very much.


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