Complete log from the DX-pedition to Lista – February 9-12, 2006 (long posting!)

On February 9-12, 2006 , I participated in a DX-pedition to Lista on the south west coast of Norway (GC: 58°07′30″N / 6°36’45” E) along with Norwegian DX-ers Geir Fredheim, Arnstein Bue, Tore B. Vik and Jan Alvestad. The conditions were good especially towards the east coast of the USA and many new stations were heard. The antenna used was a 800 metre long beverage antenna.

Here is my complete log from the pedition:

1260 10.2 0810 BBC Radio York came up with an ID, but WMKI soon regained control over the frequency with Radio Disney
1287 9.2 2212 BFBS Radio dominating the frequency at times. ID just as “BFBS Radio”, so there was probably not any local programme this late. Most probably this signal came from some of the transmitters located in Northern Ireland. 10 different transmitters in Northern Ireland with 1 watt each is listed on 1287
1287 9.2 2259 Victoria Radio Network, Kirkcaldy, with an ID just before the news
1296 11.2 0221 Radio XL dominant over Spain. Luckily there are no DRM broadcasts from the BBC here at nighttime (not yet at least…)
1296 11.2 0400 Radio Christo Botev competing with Radio XL. Strange Bulgarian songs
1530 9.2 1958 Thunder 1530, Iceland, heard with a weak signal behind Vatican Radio on the same frequency. Thunder 1530 now belongs to history, as the station closed down 4 months later on. The US Army will close down their Keflavík base on Iceland in October. A pity!

1287 9.2 2200 Galei Zahal noted over a cuple of the low power UK stations while the Spanish SER stations were completely gone

560 11.2 2315 CHVO Carbonear NL noted with a CHVO ID, not // to 590 VOCM
750 9.2 2021 CBGY Bonavista Bay NL noted very early with a country music programme
790 10.2 0333 WAXY South Miami FL with several IDs as “7-90 The Ticket”. QRM Cuba
830 12.2 0701 WRCN Worcester MA with oldies and nice signal. ID as “True Oldies”
850 10.2 0453 WEEI Boston MA clear dominant with “Sportsradio WEEI”. At least 2 other stations were heard at the same time without an ID
850 11.2 0150 WFTL West Palm Beach FL over WEEI with a commercial for a.o. “The West Palm Beach Home and Garden Show”
920 11.2 0014 CJCH Halifax NS with a jingle in between 2 oldies songs
940 10.2 0900 CINW Montreal QC called themselves “The New 9-40 Montreal”. A station playing music was also heard, but without an ID
960 10.2 0621 CHNS Halifax NS IDed as “Oldies 96 CHNS”, but their signal was quite weak
970 12.2 0902 WZAN Portland ME with an ID and a weather forecast where they expected “blizzard conditions” on the East Coast. Very strong signal
980 11.2 0602 WHSR Pompano Beach FL heard with Haitian French, but lots of splash from Radio Star Country on 981 made reception difficult
1020 10.2 0919 KDKA Pittsburgh PA dominant with time announcement, ID and a weather forecast
1020 10.2 0920 WRHB Kendall FL fighting it out with KDKA, but loosing after a few minutes. The programme was a phone-in-programme in Haitian French
1050 10.2 0337 WEPN New York NY very strong and completely dominating the frequency with basket
1060 12.2 0200 WBIX Natick MA with a nice ID on top of the hour: “…we’re THE business station, AM 10-60 WBIX Natick Boston”
1070 11.2 2205 CBA Moncton NB with a 30 second long local weather forecast after the news
1080 10.2 0534 WTIC Hartford CT very strong with the programme “Dream Doctor”
1080 10.2 0601 WTPS Coral Gables FL heard below WTIC with gospel music. This station changed both their call (xWVCG) and format just prior to the pedition. The ID heard here was simply “WTPS – The People’s Station”
1090 11.2 0530 WBAL Baltimore MD with “Fox Sports Radio”. Good signal strength, but fierce interference from 1089 Talksport
1100 11.2 0530 WTAM Cleveland OH with a news bulletin on the half hour. An interesting (but not identified) station playing Spanish music was also heard
1110 10.2 0100 WBT Charlotte NC with good signal and legal ID on the hour
1130 10.2 0815 WBBR New York NY as usual very strong, but had company of an UNID ESPN station – most probably KFAN
1140 10.2 0026 CBI Sydney NS very strong with CBC Radio One
1140 10.2 1006 WRVA Richmond VA very good and much better than CBI with commercials before the breakfast programme “Richmond’s Morning News” started up. Nice surprise as this was heard more than 2 hours after our local sunrise!
1180 11.2 1001 WHAM Rochester NY with an ID on the hour after carrying “Coast to Coast AM”
1190 9.2 2233 WLIB New York NY with a clear ID before continuing their “Air America” relay
1200 10.2 0928 CFGO Ottawa ON clearly the strongest station now carrying “Fox Sports Radio”
1200 10.2 0929 WKOX Framingham MA came up to beat CFGO announcing “1200 and 1430 AM”
1200 10.2 1001 WOAI San Antonio TX weak signal and ID.
1210 10.2 0830 WPHT Philadelhia PA dominant, but lots of QRM from Virgin Radio on 1215 which is one of the strongest AM transmitters at Lista
1230 11.2 0359 WSBB New Smyrna Beach FL with a nice ID on the hour: “Memories 12-30, WSBB, New Smyrna Beach – Daytona Beach”. WSBB was the most common station on this very interesting frequency along with WESX
1230 11.2 0427 WCMC Wildwood NJ with a call letter ID. Very weak
1230 11.2 2329 WESX Salem MA with an ID in a jazz programme
1230 12.2 0459 WHUC Hudson NY with a nice ID on the hour
1230 12.2 0645 WSOK Savannah GA finally with an ID after being heard all three nights with gospel music
1240 11.2 0732 WMMB Melbourne FL a nice surprise with ID and Fox News
1240 12.2 0034 CKIM Baie Verte NL relayed VOCM with live ice hockey. ID as “The VOCM Sports Network”
1250 12.2 0357 WEAE Pittsburgh PA with commercials and ID on top of hour. Weak signal
1260 10.2 0116 WMKI Boston MA often very strong with “Radio Disney”
1260 10.2 0205 WSUA Miami FL was clearly and surprisingly the dominant station tonight (usually WMKI is by far the most common station on 1260). Many IDs as “Radio Caracol 12-60” and claimed to have “cobertura total en el sur de La Florida”. Oddly, their model station, meaning Caracol in Colombia, was heard below WSUA
1270 10.2 0758 CJCB Sydney NS with a simply ID among all the country
1270 10.2 0819 WRLZ Eatonville FL with several commercials in Spanish, but disappeared disappointly soon again…
1270 11.2 0830 WTSN Dover NH with a weak ID before the half hour news
1280 9.2 2202 CFMB Montreal QC with local news from Montreal in Italian
1280 9.2 2247 WFAU Gardiner ME promoted their basketball game coverage. Very strong signal
1290 9.2 2319 WRNI Providence RI came up to beat Puerto Cabello a couple of minutes
1290 10.2 0910 WJNO West Palm Beach FL heard several times during this pedition
1330 12.2 0118 WRCA Watertown MA with a weak call letter ID. A nostalgia station was heard at the same time, but was never identified
1360 9.2 2351 WDRC Hartford CT strong signal with promotions and commercials
1370 11.2 2351 WDEA Ellsworth ME – local weather forecast
1380 11.2 0640 CKLC Kingston ON up with an ID. A very interesting gospel station was heard 5 minutes earlier, unfortunately without an ID
1390 9.2 2216 WEGP Presque Isle ME heard with a commercial for a company selling computers in Presque Isle
1390 9.2 2300 WPLM Plymouth MA great ID before the news: “You are listening to WBNW AM 11-20 Concord and WPLM AM 13-90 Plymouth – your source for financial news”. Also heard several times ID’ing as “Easy 99.1” WPLM was often the dominant station on 1390
1390 11.2 0633 WXTC Charleston SC IDing as “Heaven 13-90” after a nice gospel song
1390 12.2 0406 WFBL Syracuse NY whispered a call letter ID. Disappeared very soon into the noise
1400 9.2 2221 CBG Gander NL as usual very strong, now carrying financial news
1400 9.2 2346 WOND Pleasantville NJ with a phone-in-programme. Lots of QRM from CBG at this time, better signal in the morning
1400 10.2 0507 WGTN Georgetown SC was a big surprise fading above CBG and WOND with an ID as “WGTN – The Oldies Station” before playing a record by Neil Diamond
1420 9.2 2205 CKDY Digby NS with weather forecast and news. Huge signal almost all the time here with country music and ID just as “AVR”
1430 9.2 2305 WENE Endicott NY dominant station with frequent IDs as “Sportsradio 14-30 The Team”
1430 9.2 2335 WNSW Newark NJ now carrying a religious programme in Spanish and IDing as “Radio Cántico Nuevo”. This station was also hear with English progrmming later on
1430 11.2 0523 CHKT Toronto ON played Indian music in fierce competition with WENE
1430 11.2 2127 WXKS Everett MA heard early in the evening with “Air America”
1440 11.2 0920 WJAE Westbrook ME with a really impressing signal which made it possible to ID this station without any problems despite Radio Luxembourg using their DRM transmitter with full power on the same frequency! WJAE would have had one of the strongest signals of all if it had not been for the dreadful DRM QRM
1450 10.2 0040 WKXW Atlantic City NJ with a nice ID: “From Atlantic City, this is ESPN 14-50 – WKXW 14-50”. An unidentified nostalgia station was also heard
1460 10.2 0741 WDDY Albany NY was the strongest station on the frequency carrying “Radio Disney”. Several other stations were also heard, none of them could be identified unfortunately…
1480 10.2 0130 WSAR Fall River MA with local weather bulletin in Laura Ingraham Show. QRM Puerto Rico
1480 11.2 0628 WHBC Canton OH fading in above Puerto Rico and WSAR with a promo
1490 10.2 0723 WUSS Pleasantville NJ with a promotion for the FM station “Kool 98.3”. WUSS was the most common station on 1490 this weekend
1490 11.2 0200 WMOG Brunswick GA fading in and IDing simply as “Hometown Radio”
1490 11.2 0903 WBAE Portland ME was the second most common station on the frequency this weekend. Playing nostalgia music and identifying as: “1400 AM – 1490 AM – The Bay”
1490 12.2 0859 WCCM Haverhill MA another nice surprise with call letters in English on the hour. Apart from the ID, they only relayed “ESPN en español” with Spanish soccer commentaries
1490 12.2 0900 WMBM Miami FL IDing with a jingle on the hour
1500 9.2 2158 WFIF Milford CT nice signal with promotion and several IDs for “Life Changing Radio WFIF”. WFIF was the only day timer station heard
1540 10.2 0147 WDCD Albany NY played Christian pop music
1560 12.2 0917 WQEW New York NY huge signal as always. Radio Disney programming
1590 11.2 0937 WAKR Akron OH had the strongest signal now in the morning. Otherwise WARV was very dominant here at all times checked
1590 12.2 0056 WARV Warwick RI is by far the most common station here with their Christian “Life Changing Radio” format
1600 10.2 0211 WUNR Brookline MA dominating with Puerto Rico. Heard at this time with traditional Irish music and commercial for “your Irish travel agency”, presumably for the many Irish-Americans living in the Boston Area
1600 10.2 0302 WKWF Key West FL with an ID as “Sportsradio 1600”. Lots of QRM
1620 11.2 0602 WNRP Gulf Breeze FL heard well below WDHP with their country music format
1630 12.2 0138 WRDW Augusta GA as usually the strongest station here
1650 10.2 0833 KCNZ Cedar Falls IA with an ID, but Radio Disney (WHKT) was much stronger
1660 11.2 2102 WRRU Jersey City NJ also noted very early with Korean talk. Not as strong as Puerto Rico this early
1680 10.2 0658 WLAA Winter Garden FL with and ID as “Radio Qué Buena”
1700 12.2 0313 WJCC Miami Springs FL dominant with phone-in programme in Haitian French on what we later found out must have been one of their last days on the air. Reactivated in June though so this station will surely be logged again in Scandinavia
1700 12.2 0324 WEUV Huntsville AL fighting against WJCC with gospel music
1700 12.2 0330 KVNS Brownsville TX were also in the jumble with a talk programme

580 10.2 0337 WKAQ Radio Reloj with clear ID in a talk programme
790 10.2 0330 CMAQ Radio Reloj, Pinar del Río, with their easily recognizable morse ID
840 11.2 0157 CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara, with a decent signal and sports. ID as “La reina radial del centro”
895 11.2 2348 Voice of Nevis quite good at times although not as good as on previous peditions to Lista
970 12.2 0824 WSTX St. Croix heard below WZAN announcing the time and playing light music
1020 10.2 0930 CM.. Radio Reloj also heard here along with KDKA and WRHB
1380 12.2 0859 CMFA Radio Cadena Agramonte with a weak ID
1480 10.2 0122 WMDD Tropical 1480 is always very strong at Lista
1540 10.2 0138 ZNS-1 Bahamas with the programme “Spotlight on disabilities”. Fought against WDCD and eventually lost
1600 10.2 0202 WLUZ Radio Luz up with a nice ID and jingle
1620 10.2 0059 WDHP St. Croix with a nice ID on the hour. Huge signal as usual
1640 9.2 2254 Radio Juventus Don Bosco competing with what must have been WTNI
1660 11.2 2100 WGIT La Gigante faded in very early with Spanish talk

780 10.2 0330 YVMN Radio Coro with an ID while tuning the band
900 12.2 0643 YVMD Mara Ritmo 900 dominant with a lot of promos and clearly better than RAI
in Italy on the same frequency
970 11.2 2350 YV.. Mundial Oriental, Barcelona, announced their phone number in between a salsa and a merengue song.
980 10.2 0602 HJES RCN Cali very good at this time
1020 12.2 0005 YVRS Radio Mundial Margarita with a fast “Mundial Margarita” jingle
1070 10.2 0401 HJCG Radio Santa Fé the strongest station at this time with soccer
1230 11.2 0249 HJKL Radio Calidad with a clear ID and phone-in-programme
1260 10.2 0228 HJ.. Caracol Colombia below WSUA with live soccer coverage from Lima between Sporting Cristal from Peru and Independiente Santa Fé from Colombia. 2 transmitters listed in the WRTH, one of them located on the pretty exotic Caribbean island Isla San Andrés
1290 11.2 0226 YVLF Radio Puerto Cabello is unfortunately very dominant on this frequency. Many hours of recording on 1290 brought up some other interesting stations though
1300 12.2 0235 YVKH Radio Recuerdo usually dominating the frequency although a couple of UNID North American stations were also heard. A station with Haitian French programme was also heard for about 30 seconds. I don’t know if this was really Haiti or some East Coast station from the US carrying Haitian programming
1380 11.2 0817 YVNG Ondas del Mar read the winning numbers for some of the numerous “loterias” in Venezuela
1390 10.2 0016 YVZA Radio Fé y Alegría with a promotion behind WEGP
1420 10.2 0431 YVNZ Radio Marabina fighting with CKDY
1500 10.2 2150 YVRZ Radio Dos Mil faded in early with commercials Venezuelan style


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