Radio UNAM logged on 9599,3 kHz

Radio UNAM in Mexico was heard for the first time at my place on February 11 on 9599,3 kHz. The station was heard from tune in at 08.50 untill fade out as late as 10.30. Reception peaked around 10.00 when the signal was quite good. The entire programme consisted of classical music with only a few announcements near the top of the hour. The entire programme schedule for this transmission can be found on the stations web pages and by going through this schedule I soon found out I listened to mainly classical concerts by Shostakovich and Berlioz. New stations popping out of Mexico on the shortwave band is a rare event, and I am quite pleased about their signal making it all the way to Norway!


One thought on “Radio UNAM logged on 9599,3 kHz

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