QSL: CHHA Toronto ON 1610


CHHA “Voces Latinas” in Toronto is a station I have only been able to hear a few times. Their frequency is usually covered by either Caribbean Beacon in Anguilla or CJWI in Montréal here. At Lista in October 2008, however, the signal of CHHA was also heard briefly with Spanish language programming. CHHA is a station primarily catering to the Latin community in Toronto and broadcast mainly in Spanish, but also has programming in Portuguese, Italian and Tagalog.

Werner Lopez, Technical Coordinator at CHHA, confirmed my reception with a long and friendly e-mail. He says that the power og their transmitter was 1 kilowatt at the time I heard them. Right now, however, their AM transmitter is on low power only as they are in a transition period of their system patern from Non Directional to a Directional pattern. CHHA plans to arise power again when they finish collecting the money for the new tower system.


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