QSL: Radio Caracas Radio 750

Radio Caracas Radio – or RCR which the station is more commonly known as – in Caracas is the most frequent guest on 750 kHz at my place whenever conditions turn southwards.

RCR was also heard on the November 2007 DX-pedition at Lista even though the conditions definitely favoured North America at that time. RCR was one of only a few Venezuelans coming through on the DX-pedition, and I have heard them with a much better signal on previous occasions. When I heard them in November, I listened in to a baseball (or “beisból” as it’s called in Spanish) game featuring the team Navegantes del Magallanes. Navegantes del Magallanes is the team of RCR, says Claudia Camperos at the Gte. Producción RCR, who sent me an e-mail confirming my reception today. Claudia says the station mainly transmits news and what she calls “programas de opinión”, but that they also have a lot of sports especially at the weekends.


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