DX-pedition to Lista, March 9-12, 2013

Last time I did some serious DX was more than 2 years (January 2011), It was thus about time for a new excursion to our favourite DX spot at Lista on the Southwestern tip of Norway. Work and family commitments made it hard to find a suitable weekend, but we finally settled on the second weekend in March. My DX buddies this time was freshman Harald K. Andersen who went to Lista for the first time and Torgeir Nyen who has accompanied many times before.

Choosing a weekend as late as March made us hope for good conditions towards the Caribbean and may be also towards exciting countries like Peru and Ecuador. That didn’t turn out to be the case at all. The paths towards the south were closed with very few stations from South America making it to our radios. Stations from the northern part of the Caribbean were present, but with generally weaker signals than is often the case. Mexican stations were also missing. Instead we were treated with a mix of stations all along the East Coast from Newfoundland to Florida. Only the usual suspects were heard most of the time and conditions were generally much poorer this time than during our last 2 DX-peditions at Lista (November 2009 and January 2011).

Still, a few interesting stations were heard. The star logging of the DX-pedition was definitely 1330 WESR Onley-Onancock VA, a station not heard in Scandinavia previously according to the authorative KOJE list. A few other interesting stations were also noted such as 980 WHSR Pompano Beach FL, 1310 WICH Norwich CT, 1410 CKSL London ON and 1700 KKLF Richardson TX. 

The antenna used was the usual 800 metre beverage antenna pointing towards the East Coast of North America / Florida / Cuba. We also installed an 300 metre long antenna pointing towards the UK and Spain. The latter antenna worked very well leaving a.o. 1008 to Radio Las Palmas instead of the dominant Dutch station. This antenna also made it possible to receive some of the RSL stations in the UK using a power of 1 watt only during daylight such as 1134 Gurkha Radio, 1350 Kingstown Radio and 1575 Radio Tyneside. I personally find DX-ing such low power stations just as fun (or may be even more fun) as DX-ing Transatlantic stations.

Despite pretty average conditions with very few new stations making it into the log, it is always fun to be on a DX-pedition accompanied by other DX-ers. Having the opportunity to concentrate on radio and DX-ing exclusively for 4 days is just pure luxury!

Update November 2013: A log is now available as a Google Docs spreadsheet.


DX-pedition to Lista, January 6-9, 2011

I should have written this blog posting a long time ago: It is now more than a year since this DX-pedition took place. On January 6-9, 2011, I was back at my usual DX-pedition site at Lista on the Southwestern tip of Norway. Leaving family behind concentrating on DX only for 4 days is always intriguing and highly recommended for all DX-ers! 🙂  This time I was accompanied with Torgeir Nyen and Tore Johnny Bråtveit for the entire 4 days and for Jan Alvestad (of Solar Terrestrial Activity Report fame) for the last 3 days.

The antennas were the usual 800 metre beverage antenna pointing towards the East Coast of North America / Florida / Cuba and a 500 metre long beverage antenna towards the West Coast. We used the East Coast antenna 95% of the time as conditions were very poor and almost useless towards the West Coast. I was equipped with software defined radios only: 2 SDR-IQ receivers and 1 Perseus receiver.

We had fairly good conditions during most of the DX-pedition. Conditions were most interesting on the first and on the last morning (Jan. 6 and Jan. 9 respectively) of the DX-pedition when we had good conditions towards the U.S. East Coast.  The other 2 mornings were more of a mixed bag with poorer signals and more stations from the Caribbean.  All 4 evenings were a big disappointment with hardly any interesting signals at all. Strangely, the paths towards South America were more or less closed during the entire DX-pedition with only the most common Colombians and Venezuelans making it to our radios.

To our surprise, we also logged quite a number of Mexicans. We were also quite pleased about logging our first Alaskan station ever, 680 KBRW, we had tried to hear Alaska many times previously without success.

After reviewing most of my recordings, I have now published my log from this DX-pedition as a Google Docs spreadsheet. This log in a “work-in-progress” as there are still recordings left to check. Even though I have been to Lista many times before, it is still possible to catch new stations here. I am actually quite surprised (and pleased) to find that more than 40 new stations made it into my log during this DX-pedition.

Best loggings (in my opinion, that is): 570 CKGL Kitchener ON, 590 XEPH Sabrosita 590, 920 WURA Quantico VA, 960 XEROO La Guadalupana, 1020 WURN Kendall FL, 1230 WEEX Easton PA, 1330 WSPQ Springville NY, 1370 KDTH Dubuque IA, 1600 KGYM Cedar Rapids IA, 1660 KRZI Waco TX and 1680 KRJO Monroe LA. 

DX-pedition to Lista January 31 – February 3, 2008

The 2nd DX-pedition of the 2008 season to Lista took place between January 31 and February 3, again accompanied by Torgeir Nyen. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky with the conditions this time as we were in November 2007. Conditions were quite good towards the East Coast of North America on the first night. The last 2 nights were poor and only brought stations from Latin America and hardly any stations at all from North America. Almost no stations from the Americas could be heard above 1000 kHz during the last 2 nights either.

Despite average to poor conditions, there were still a few highlights: 620 Antigua BS, 700 Jamaica, 700 Radio Sucre (stations from Ecuador are rare!), 1570 RCN Tegucigalpa, 1570 WECU Winterville NC and 1590 WAUB Auburn NY.

Update October 25, 2009: An updated log has now been published.

DX-pedition to Lista November 2-5, 2006

On November 2-5, 2006 , we were back at our usual DX-pedition site at Lista on the south west coast of Norway (GC: 58°07′30″N / 6°36′45″ E). The expectations were high for this DX-pedition as we are now at the solar mimimum.

Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed as the conditions were mostly poor during all 3 nights. Only the most common stations on each frequency were heard with stations from Colombia, Venezuela and the Caribbean often overtaking the North American stations. Compared to previous DX-peditions to Lista, the Trans-Atlantic signals were poor, sometimes surprisingly poor when such stations as the New York stations 880 WCBS, 1050 WEPN, 1130 WBBR and 1560 WQEW were barely audible. These stations often have a powerhouse signal at Lista, just as many other East Coast stations. The February trip was definitely much more successful, see https://dxblog.wordpress.com/2006/07/17/3/ for all the logs from this DX-pedition.

Best loggings this time: 950 WROL Boston MA, 1130 CDN Radio in the Dominican Republic, 1190 Radio Mira and 1310 Colorín Color Radio both in Colombia, 1410 Radio Mensabé in Panamá, 1410 WMYR Fort Myers FL, 1420 Radio Sintonia in Venezuela and 1420 WDJA Delray Beach FL.

The main antenna used was a 1100 metre long beverage antenna at 285 degrees pointing towards the U.S. East Coast. We also had a longwire up to listen to the special transmission from Radio St. Helena (which we managed to hear, barely) and an experimental Ewe antenna. The Ewe antenna was blown away by gale winds on the second night and was never used for real DX. Too bad.

This is my complete log:

1287 3.11 1102 Victoria Radio Network, Kirkcaldy, jingled as «Classic VRN»
1287 3.11 1809 SER Radio Lugo heard briefly with a local commercial before disappearing again
1287 4.11 1757 SER Radio Lleida with a local ID and local commercials for 1 minute in a break from the sports programme «Carrusel deportivo». QRM from a few other SER stations on the same channel
1314 3.11 2343 Loisirs AM, Paris, came up to beat the otherwise dominant Romanian station
1485 4.11 1757 SER Radio Santander with a good signal but DRM-interference from Germany on the same frequency made reception difficult
1503 4.11 1300 Sound Radio, London, all alone on the frequency now. Clear ID before starting a programme in Chinese
1503 4.11 1404 BBC Radio Stoke again the dominating station on the channel with Sound Radio in the background

560 3.11 0052 CHVO Spaniard’s Bay NL carried «VOCM 20/20 Weather»
590 4.11 2239 VOCM St. John’s NL good signal now and nice ID: «Newfoundland’s information super station playing your country favourites: VOCM – depend on it»
610 3.11 0049 WIOD Miami FL fair signal with traffic reports
640 4.11 2205 CBN St. John’s NL with a local weather forecast. Lots of splash from Spain on 639
710 2.11 2037 CHVO Clarenville NL heard very early and with local programming at this time. ID as «7-10 VOCM Country Clarenville». Also heard with local programming and commercials one hour later on
740 4.11 2115 CHCM Marystown NL with standard VOCM programming
750 2.11 2013 CBGY Bonavista Bay NL heard this early with CBC Radio One. Fair to good signal too
790 3.11 0840 CFNW Port au Choix NL with standard VOCM programming and country music
790 3.11 0843 WAXY South Miami FL dominant station at this time with Fox Sports Radio and «The Third Shift»
880 3.11 0000 WCBS New York NY barely audible with WCBS News on the hour. Lots of splash from 882 made reception almost impossible on this station which normally has a powerhouse signal at Lista
890 3.11 0100 WAMG Dedham MA with a weak ID on the hour among ESPN Radio programming
930 3.11 0019 CFBC St. John NB with an ID before playing Steppenwolfs «Born to be wild». Weak signal and mixing with a sports station, presumably CJYQ
940 3.11 0302 CINW Montreal QC with a very weak signal
950 3.11 0219 WROL Boston MA with a confusing ID as “Newstalk 1150 WTTT”. A search on the Internet revealed that WROL relays WTTT from time to time. Heard for more than half an hour before the usual dominant CHER regained control of the frequency
950 3.11 0239 CHER Sydney NS faded up with a commercial for an electronic store in Sydney and an ID as «Max 9-50»
970 3.11 0851 WZAN Portland ME only station on the frequency now carrying «The Third Shift» from Fox Sports
1010 3.11 0603 WINS New York NY with traffic news and commercials
1010 5.11 0446 CFRB Toronto ON fair signal with the talk programme «Passion». Also several IDs as «News Talk 10-10 CFRB»
1050 2.11 2319 WEPN New York NY with «ESPN Radio». Surprisingly weak signal
1130 5.11 0916 WBBR New York NY only station on frequency this late after having been completely gone a few hours earlier
1140 5.11 0100 CBI Sydney NS fairly good on the hour with CBC News
1310 3.11 0826 WLOB Portland ME with a promotion mixing with dominant Radio Nacional de Venezuela
1320 4.11 2145 CKEC New Glasgow NS good signal early at night with a programme which was simply called «The Saturday Show»
1370 3.11 0919 WDEA Ellsworth ME fairly good at this time
1400 4.11 2032 CBG Gander NL fair signal early in the evening
1410 5.11 0707 WMYR Fort Myers FL only station on the frequency now with «Relevant Radio». Weak signal and a lot of euro-QRM, unfortunately
1420 5.11 0900 WDJA Delray Beach FL with a nice ID on the hour: «Moneywatch Radio AM 14-20 WDJA Delray Beach and AM 1000 WJPW Jupiter» before continuing with news from CNN
1430 3.11 0726 WENE Endicott NY noted with an ID as «Sports Radio 14-30 The Team» in a local break from Fox Sports Radio
1480 5.11 0258 WSAR Fall River MA fading above a much more interesting but strange religious Spanish speaking station which had about the same kind of intense programming which can be heard on a.o. Radio Victoria in Peru
1500 2.11 2221 WTWP Washington DC talked about the upcoming midterm elections and Ided as «Washington Post Radio»
1520 3.11 0105 WWKB Buffalo NY with an ID as «Buffalo’s Left Channel»
1560 3.11 0637 WQEW New York NY with a good signal and the usual Radio Disney programming. ID just as «AM 15-60 New York» at this time
1610 3.11 0625 CJWI Montreal QC barely above the noise level with a phone-in-programme and a French ID as «CPAM». Lots of QRM from both Caribbean Beacon and from Vatican Radio on nearby 1611
1680 3.11 0602 WLAA Winter Garden FL with English call letters on the hour. Otherwise Spsnish programming exclusively with many «Qué Buena» IDs and a lot of Mexican music
1690 2.11 2147 WPTX Lexington Park MD talking with a weak signal

555 5.11 0515 ZIZ Radio, St Kitts, good signal but not with an own programme at this time, just a relay of BBC World Service
600 5.11 0517 CMKV Radio Rebelde, Urbano Noris, very strong at this time
710 5.11 0517 CMW Radio Rebelde, La Julia, also very strong and //600
790 3.11 0847 CMAQ Radio Reloj, Pinar del Rio, also noted here mixing with WAXY
820 2.11 2226 TBN via Radio Paradise, St. Kitts, is always the dominant station on this channel
950 3.11 0215 CM.. Radio Reloj heard on this frequency too with their familiar time pips
970 5.11 0550 WSTX St. Croix best station here for half an hour playing both soca music and evergreens from a.o. Abba and Lionel Richie
1130 5.11 0808 HIRL CDN AM, Santiago, with an ID and bachata music. A big thanks to Henrik Klemetz in Sweden for solving this one. This is a new name for the station listed as “La Mezcla” in the latest WRTH and was the big surprise of the DX pedition!
1190 2.11 2200 WBMJ The Rock, San Juan, with an ID on the hour as “1190 WBMJ and 1060 WCGB”. WCGB must be a new station in this network. The last edition of the WRTH lists WCGB as an independent station, but a look at the station’s home page confirms that The Rock is now on both 1190, 1060 and 1370.
1280 5.11 0600 WCMN Radio Centro, Arecibo, with an ID for the NotiUno chain on the hour. No local programming, unfortunately
1310 4.11 0117 RFO Martinique came up to beat the dominant Venezuelan station. No ID but who else could it be talking in French on this channel?
1320 5.11 0508 WSKN Radio Isla, San Juan, fairly good signal announcing several programmes to be heard on the station
1430 3.11 0815 WNEL Radio Tiempo with a talk programme from the Noti Uno chain. ID just as «Noti Uno 6-30»
1480 3.11 0728 WMDD Tropical 1480 is an easy catch. Now mixing with WSAR
1540 4.11 2332 ZNS Bahamas quite good playing soca music, but not as strong as during previous DX-peditions to Lista as the conditions were poorer this time
1570 5.11 0334 HIAJ Radio Amanecer, Santo Domingo, with a jingle as «Radio Amanecer – La Voz de la Esperanza». Fair signal
1610 3.11 0640 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, only station on frequency now, but weak signal
1640 4.11 0150 Radio Juventus Don Bosco with a jingle as just «Radio Juventus»
1680 3.11 0402 HI.. Radio Senda closed down their transmission with the national anthem. Except from a station identification at close down, the programme consisted of nonstop music and nonstop religious talk for more than 2 hours without any announcements or IDs

740 4.11 2130 ZYH446 Radio Sociedade da Bahia heard at this time mixing with the Newfoundland station
780 3.11 0550 YVMN Radio Coro, Coro, good signal with a programme called «Ruta musical 780»
920 3.11 0528 YVQX Radio Nueva Esparta with a brief station identification and time announcement
1130 5.11 0732 YVRL Radio Ideal, Maiquetía, dominated the frequency with another Latin American station (probably the Bogotá station) in the background
1190 5.11 0454 HJKG Radio Mira, Tumaco, surprised me with an ID as “Radio Mira de Caracol” which perfectly matches their webstream at http://www.tumaco.net/html/index.php
1190 5.11 0510 HJCV Radio Cordillera, Bogotá, was the strongest station on the frequency at this time playing «música de recuerdos»
1230 5.11 0342 HJKL Radio Calidad, Cali, read the winning numbers of several «loterias»
1250 5.11 0403 HJCA Capital Radio, Bogotá, with a nice ID as «Capital Radio – la emisora al servicio de nuestra gente». An unidentified Spanish speaking religious station was heard in the background
1300 5.11 0245 YVKH Radio Recuerdos, Caracas, with an ID and phone number in between several records
1310 3.11 0651 YVSM Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Barcelona, clearly the No. 1 station on this frequency nearly all the times on this DX-pedition
1310 3.11 2358 HJJZ Colorín Color Radio, Bogotá, at equal strength with Venezuela for about 15 minutes. A surprise to find this one when going through the recordings!
1320 3.11 0515 YVWP Radio Apolo, Tumen, faded above CKEC with an ID and time announcement: «Radio Apolo – la hora: 1 16 minutos»
1380 5.11 0704 YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello, is very regular here with frequent IDs as «Ondas del Mar 13-80»
1410 5.11 0400 YVSP Radio Simpatía, Valera, closed their transmission today playing the national anthem of Venezuela
1420 4.11 0230 YVNZ Radio Marabina, Maracaibo, not as strong tonight as they usually are
1420 4.11 0231 YV.. Radio Sintonía, Caracas, stronger than Radio Marabina for a minute
1430 5.11 0418 YVTP Radio Bahía, Puerto La Cruz, dominant with music and time announcements: «En Bahía, son las 12 y 19 minutos»
1450 4.11 0356 YVKJ Sonera 1450, Catia La Mar, was with 99% probability the station heard with programmes from Radio Maria on this frequency
1460 4.11 0401 HJJW Emisora Nuevo Continente, Bogotá, with an ID after a religious programme announcing an address in the USA. Lots of splash from 1458
1520 4.11 0424 HJLI Vida AM Música, Bogotá, with a nice ID mentioning all their FM and AM outlets. Presumed Radio Voz in Puerto Rico in the background

11092,5 4.11 1902 Radio St. Helena is the only shortwave log of the DX-pedition! Heard at this time with a very weak and noisy signal with a broadcast targeted to New Zealand. The announcements were mostly unintelligable, but the music played (a.o. Beatles’ «Let it be») was easily recognized

Logs this weekend

Not much time for DX-ing this weekend, but 2 (to me) new stations were logged: HJDL and HRRF.

1140 7.10 0541 HJDL Radio Paisa, Medellín, caught with an ID in between romantic music. This is a new station for me
1476 7.10 1700 Radio 1476 started a programme in Slovenian from ORF Radio Kärnten: “Sie hören jetzt das slowenische Magazin des ORF Landesstudio Kärntens”. Strong signal and not exactly hard core DX…
1570 6.10 0549 HIAJ Radio Amanecer, Santo Domingo, with an ID as “La Voz de la Esperanza”. Shouldn’t be on the air at this time according to the WRTH, but definitely was on this morning
1570 8.10 0547 HRRF RCN Tegucigalpa mixing with a couple of other Spanish speaking stations. A real surprise to hear this one. ID as “la nueva RCN”

Logs this weekend

Good conditions on mediumwave on Friday and Saturday with a couple of new South Americans heard around sunrise. There were also interesting signals on several other frequencies. Sunday morning was a big disappointment because of storm activities on the sun.

945 22.9 1915 Offshore Music Radio via Radio Nord in Riga played music from the 50s, 60s and 70s and had a live presenter in the studio in England. Good signal strength, good audio quality, but quite a lot of interference from co-channel France. This station is relayed from Radio Nord every Friday from 19.00 to 21.00
1350 22.9 0513 HJHL Radio Reloj, Ibagué, identified simply as “Radio Reloj 13-50” in between some romantic songs. QRM from an unidentified Spanish religious station
1380 23.9 0528 OCY4U Radio Nuevo Tiempo, Lima, heard around sunrise for 10 minutes playing latin pop and identifying between each record played
1470 23.9 0521 OAU4B CPN Radio, Lima, superb signal carrying a religious programme at this time rather than their usual news format. New format or just a one time event?
1560 23.9 0537 WQEW New York NY with an ID as “AM 15-60 Radio Disney AM”. 2 more stations were heard at the same time, but was never IDed
1660 22.9 0456 WCNZ Marco Island FL with Relevant Radio and a local ID at this time. WWRU heard in the background
1660 24.9 0500 WWRU Jersey City NJ was the only station with a decent signal this morning. Many IDs as “Radio Korea” in Korean
1680 23.9 0458 Unidentified station playing nonstop latin music and identifying as “16-80 WCPS” (or possibly WCPX or WCPA). Is this the Florida station with a new call?

Good conditions on mediumwave

Transatlantic conditions on mediumwave has been good during the past couple of mornings and I have been able to hear a couple of interesting stations even though I haven’t put up any decent antennas yet.

Here is the log:

600 12.9 0430 R. Rebelde, Urbano Norris, was the strongest station here, but an unidentified LA station was also heard at this time
780 14.9 0430 CFDR Dartmouth NS is easily recognized with their country format
1470 14.9 0450 CPN R. heard several mornings lately, sometimes with an impressive signal strength
1490 12.9 0502 HCSM5 R. Santa María heard with an ID as “Radio Santa Maria”. Heard with a good signal strength for 45 minutes playing nonstop religious music. A big surprise!
1499,8 14.9 0443 R. Santa Rosa decent signal strength with rosarios
1560 14.9 0500 Santa María de la Paz with a clear ID on the hour. Another interesting religious Latin American station was also noted here, but no ID on that one unfortunately

All stations heard on a 70 metre longwire antenna only