QSL: Radio Clatterbridge 1386


Hospital radio stations is a phenomenom which I believe is unique to the United Kingdom. It is at least unique that they are broadcasting on mediumwave and as such also have a chance to be heard abroad. The hospital radios operating on AM all have a Low Power AM (LPAM) licence, usually with the very limited power of just 1 watt.

DX-ing hospital radio stations and other LPAM stations with such a low power is challenging, but great fun. I have managed to receive a few of these stations over the years with VRN in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on 1287 kHz and Carillon Radio in Loughborough on 1386 kHz being the most regular ones.

At Lista in February 2017 we managed to catch a new one on 1386 kHz: Radio Clatterbridge in Wirral outside Liverpool. The station serves the Clatterbridge Health Park and has been in operation since 1951 making it one of the oldest radio stations in the UK. According to Wikipedia, Radio Clatterbridge made the very first broadcast interview with The Beatles. This historic interview (with sound) naturally has a prominent place on the stations web site.

Steve Evans, Chairman at the station, sent me an e-mail yesterday confirming my audio recording of Radio Clatterbridge.



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