QSL: Radio Northern Star 1611


AM radio is dead in Norway. Or isn’t it? Not everybody think so. One of the persons believing in a future for AM radio is Svenn Martinsen, whose radio station Radio Northern Star broadcasts on both 1314 and 1611 kHz mediumwave as well as 5895 kHz shortwave. Radio Northern Star also streams online and I suspect most listeners find the station online rather than on medium- and shortwave.

Radio Northern Star was heard with a good and stable signal on 1611 kHz at Lista in March despite a power of just 250 watts. The audio quality was may be not the best, but a good signal still playing mostly nonstop music.

Radio Northern Star broadcasts from Erdal at the island of Askøy outside Bergen. The AM transmitters are located at Bergen kringkaster which in addition to AM broadcasting also has a HAM station LA1ASK and a museum. Bergen kringkaster also has their own programmes on 1314, 1611 and 5895 kHz from time to time, usually on Sundays.

Svenn Martinsen is a long time mediumwave DX-er and naturally enjoys hearing how their signals are received. In addition to promptly verifying my report by e-mail he also sent along a nice QSL package by postal mail.


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