QSL: WFAI Salem NJ 1510

WFAI1510 kHz has become an interesting frequency now that the 50,000 watts station WMEX is off. At Lista in March we heard WLAC in Tennessee, KCKK in Colorado and WWBC in Florida, all noted on previous DX-peditions at Lista.

I wasn’t surprised to hear a new station on this frequency, but hearing WFAI “Faith 1510” was beyond all expectations as this was a station I had not even heard prior to this DX-pedition. WFAI is a day time only station playing mostly gospel music and was heard quite well one evening just after 23.00 UTC. Although the station also brands itself as “Delaware’s Inspiration Station” and the studios are also located in Delaware, the transmitter is located across the Delaware River in Salem, New Jersey. The transmitter is listed with an output of 2500 watts.

WFAI belongs to the Delmarva Broadcasting Company which is blessed to have its own QSL manager. Allan R. Loudell is both a News Anchor/Reporter/Interviewer/Blogger in addition to being a QSL Manager for the station. Being a DX-er himself, Allan sent an enthusiastic reply confirming my reception of the station. Allan says WFAI does not get a lot of reception reports, but that my report was the third from Norway in 2018. Allan also sent me a very nice QSL package by snail mail.



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