QSL: Radio Seabreeze AM 1395


A number of low powered Dutch radio stations have started transmitting on mediumwave during the past year. Licensed Dutch radio that is, unlicensed Dutch stations (pirates) have existed for as long as I can remember. The pirates are still there, but for those of us who prefer listening to licensed and regular radio stations this is a welcome development.

The most common of these low powered stations is without doubt Radio Seabreeze AM transmitting from Grou in the north of The Netherlands on 1395 kHz. Radio Seabreeze transmits with a power of 100 watts from a transmitter located 1,3 metres below sea level. The station was heard with fair to good signals at Lista last winter playing nonstop pop music with a few annoncements in between the music played.

Marcel Joustra confirmed my reception with an e-mail and also sent a non data QSL card by postal mail (shown above). Marcel is also a HAM with the call sign PH1MRF and knows the importance of QSLs!


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