QSL: NBC Radio 700


NBC Radio – “The Sound of The Nation” – in St. Vincent left the mediumwave band already in 2010. It used to be heard every now and then on its frequency 700 kHz even in Norway.

By chance, I saw NBC Radio recently sent a reply to a Finnish DX-er. Realizing I never sent a reception report to the station when it was still broadcasting on AM, I decided to give it a try too. After a couple of tries, I received a friendly reply from Colvin Harry, Program Manager at NBC Radio. Colvin says the AM transmitter went off air in 2010 following a lightning strike that fried a critical piece of equipment. Because of the repairing costs, it was decided to close the AM Service permanently in favour of FM and Internet only. Their AM Equipment is for sale right now so if anyone is interested I am sure they would love to get in touch…. 🙂

I received NBC Radio back in 2008 at Lista. Pretty good signal, but reception spoiled a bit by the super power transmitters of BBC on 693 kHz. Very pleased to get a reply out of this station – the only radio station which I have ever received from St. Vincent!


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