DX-pedition to Lista, February 4-8, 2017

The traditional (and for my part annual) DX-pedition to Lista took part during the first week of February. My DX partners in crime this time was Torgeir Nyen and Tore Johnny Bråtveit.

Conditions were very different from my last 5-6 trips to Lista thanks to much more disturbed conditions this time. This naturally lead to less North American stations being heard. Stations from Central and South America were present on many frequencies though. It has been many years since we heard so many stations from Latin America – a welcome change from what we usually hear at Lista!

Besides the usual 800 metre long antenna directed towards the East Coast of North America / Florida / Cuba, we also set up an antenna aimed at UK and Spain. This antenna proved very successful with UK and Spanish stations popping up on nearly all frequencies. Many of the Spanish stations were new to us. The UK/Spain antenna also provided a number of stations from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, a DX area which for us is mostly uncharted territory.

Highlights worth special mentioning was hearing RdP Açores on 828 Khz and Mauretania on 783 kHz. Personally, I especially enjoyed hearing the UK low power stations L&D Radio on 1134 kHz and Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio on 1575 and the new Dutch low power stations Groeistad Radio and Radio Babylona, both on 747 kHz. Most interesting Transatlantic catches noted so far: 960 YVSS Radio San Sebastián, 970 CX22 Radio Universal, 1200 WJUA Pine Island Center FL and 1490 WCEC Haverhill MA.

Our log is now available as a Google Docs spreadsheet. As usual the log is a work in progress with new stations added as our recordings are examined.


9 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista, February 4-8, 2017

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