DX-pedition to Lista, January 16-21, 2015

Travelling to Lista on the south western coast of Norway for a weekend of serious DX-ing has become almost an annual rite for me. 2015 was no exception and in January I was again back at Lista for a weekend, this time accompanied by fellow DXers Torgeir Nyen and Geir Fredheim.

Despite good indices, conditions turned out to be as good as expected (or hoped for). Canadian DX-er Walt Salmaniw described the period as “mediocre” at his QTH. “Mediocre” sums up our impressions of the conditions at Lista pretty well too. Not too good, but not very poor either. Compared to our loggings at Lista one year ago, the loggings this time were still disappoiting. We expected a better DX-pedition, especially as the geomagnetic indices were quite good during our entire stay at Lista. But that’s the rules of the game: Although everything seems set for good propagation, there is never any promise ! 🙂

Propagation to North America was particularly poor in our local evenings, no chances whatsoever of logging any daytimers. The mornings were, luckily, much better with decent reception from North America. After reviewing our SDR recordings we also discovered some “new” stations (implicating not logged by us at Lista previously) such as 590 WROW Albany NY, 960 KMA Shenandoah IA, 1320 WJAS Pittsburgh PA and 1480 WSDS Salem Township MI. Propagation towards the Caribbean and South America was again more or less absent, just as has been the case for the past couple of years.

Our log is available as a Google Docs spreadsheet. The log is a work in progress where new stations are added continuously. The log includes an unusually high number of European stations. DX-ing (often small) European stations is also fun now that more and more high power transmitters in Europe close down on AM.

For me, the funniest and most unexpected catches of this DX-pedition was hearing a few stations from Africa for the very first time. I was especially pleased about catching the exotic signals from Nigerian stations 1026 JBC Radio Jigawa and tentatively 972 Katsina State Broadcasting Corporation.

As usual, we used a 800 metre long antenna towards the East Coast of North America / Florida / Cuba. This time we also rolled out some some 600 metre of antenna wire towards the Midwest. We had high hopes for the latter antenna which was rolled out all the way into the North Sea, but sadly the conditions were not good enough this time.


5 thoughts on “DX-pedition to Lista, January 16-21, 2015

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