QSL: Radio Nord Revival 3950/6065


I rolled out a longwire antenna at my home QTH just for the occasion of the special broadcasts from Radio Nord Revival in August. Despite a pretty lousy antenna, the transmission of this nostalgia station were heard well both on 3950 kHz and especially on 6065 kHz. Both transmissions originated from Sala north west of Stockholm, with a power of 5 and 10 kilowatts respectively. Fun to listen to these special broadcast commemorating the Swedish pirate station Radio Nord which broadcast from a radio ship in the Baltic Sea in 1961 and 1962.

QSL-manager and DX-er Ronny Forslund apparently spent some of his spare time around Christmas sending out a bunch of QSL-cards. Mine was received on the second day of the new year 2015, i.e.. January 2. The shortwave broadcasts of Radio Nord Revival were received worldwide, the station received reception reports from the USA, Australia, Japan and Malaysia as well as from many European countries.


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