QSL: TWR Kyrgyzstan 1467


Asia is certainly not our prime DX target at Lista where our antennas are directed towards the Americas. Stations from the Middle East can be heard in the afternoons though, and on certain occasions stations located even further east can come through. On our last DX-pedition to Lista, we unexpectedly received the programmes of Trans World Radio broadcast via Kyrgyzstan on 1467 kHz. The signal was fair from 15.00 onwards when 1467 kHz is a clear frequency without any interfering stations.

I sent a report to the European office of Trans World Radio in Vienna last week. The report was confirmed with a nice QSL attachment signed by Kalman Dobos. The transmitter location was only indicated as “Central Asia” though. All lists says the transmitter location is near Krasnaya Rechka east of the capital city of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, so there is little or no doubt about where the transmissions originates from. MWlists says the transmitting  power is as high as 500 kilowatts. The broadcasts of Trans World Radio from this transmitter are targeted mainly at Pakistan and Afghanistan. When I received the programmes, addresses in Pakistan were announced several times.


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