QSL: Radio Dechovka 1233


Updates to this blog has been very scarce lately. Very few reception reports have understandably resulted in even fewer QSLs. The first QSL since April arrived some weeks ago when Jana Pusova of Czech Radio Dechovka replied with a full detail verification card attrached as a PDF file.

This was for a reception report from Lista in January 2014 when I had excellent reception of the station on 1233 kHz. Radio Dechovka broadcast with a power of 6 kilowatts when I heard them, but has since risen the power to 10 kilowatts. This should cover the entire country and also many of the neighbouring countries. The main AM transmitter is located in Libeznice just north of Prague.

Radio Dechovka has been on the air on 1233 kHz since May 2013, but started broadcasting on the Internet already in July 2009. The station describes itself as “the first brass music radio station in the Czech Republic”. When asked if Radio Dechovka is also the first brass music radio station in the world, Jana replies that there are also some brass music stations in Slovakia, but these are only Internet radio stations wihout on air announcers. Czech brass music is certainly not my favourite music, but nice still to see that there is also a market for such niche radio stations! 🙂


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