QSL: Ríkisútvarpið 189 / 207



Hearing Iceland’s national radio Ríkisútvarpið on longwave isn’t exactly “hard core dx”, but it is a fun station to listen to both because of the beautiful Icelandic language and because of the often nice programming they carry.

At Lista we often monitor Iceland’s longwave channels 189 and 207 kHz to see how propagation is across the North Atlantic. Strong signals from Iceland usually implies good propagation to North America on mediumwave.

I sent along a recording of Ríkisútvarpið’s longwave signal to Sigrún Hermannsdóttir who confirmed my reception of the station with a brief but friendly letter. This recording was made at Lista one evening in January when we had good signals from both transmitters, especially from 189 which suffers from less interference than 207 kHz. At this time the programme heard was the national programme 2 called RÁS2.

The longwave transmitters mainly serve the Icelandic fishing fleet in the North Atlantic Ocean. The transmitters are located at Gufuskálar on the western coast of Iceland (189 kHz -300 kilowatts) and at Eiðar on the North East coast of Iceland (207 kHz – 100 kilowatts). The radio mast at Gufuskálar is the tallest structure in Western Europe, according to Wikipedia.


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