QSL: Kossuth Rádió 540


Another gap in my QSL collection: In my 30 year DX career I have never bothered reporting the national radio channels from Hungary. Both Kossuth Rádió (National Programme 1) and Petöfi Rádió (National Programme 2) have been regular guests for many years. Petöfi Rádió is now gone from the mediumwave band, but Kossuth Rádió is still going strong. Their 2000 kilowatts transmitter at Solt in Central Hungary is the most powerful mediumwave transmitter in Europe and even in the world (shared with 3 mediumwave transmitters in Saudi Arabia which also transmits with a power of 2000 kilowatts).

Although Kossuth Rádió is certainly the most commonly heard station on 540 kHz at Lista too, it is by no means the only station heard because our antennas are pointing towards the Americas there. The signal of Kossuth Rádió was very strong one morning at Lista last January and I finally submitted a reception report. Miklós Kenderessy, Director of the Technical Department at MTVA sent me a very detailed verification letter by registered mail last week and also included a fridge magnet of Kossuth Rádió.


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