QSL: Spirit Radio 549


Spirit Radio in Ireland started up broadcasting on 549 kHz during the summer of 2012. With a powerful transmitter of 25 kilowatts located in Carrickroe, County Monaghan, just south of the border to Northern Ireland, the station is an easy catch at Lista. Their mediumwave transmitter is intended for national coverage broadcasting a mix of religious programmes and religious music.

Garcan Rigby, Production Manager, kindly sent me a verification letter and also included a sticker and 2 ballpoint pens in his reply.


One thought on “QSL: Spirit Radio 549

  1. Not a hope of providing national coverage from monaghan on 10 or 25 kw.To do this you would need the tullamore transmitter in the centre of the country at 500 kw The electricity for this would cost around eur 700,000 per year which spirit radio would not have a hope of affording

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