QSL: 4940 VOA São Tomé


Updates to my blog has been very scarce during the recent months. My last posting was back in January. This was also the time when I received my last QSL. The Voice of America relay station in São Tomé & Principe replied both with an e-mail as well as a printed QSL card sent by postal mail. The QSL card, depicting the transmitter park on the island,  is shown above. Both replies came directly from São Tomé and was signed respectively by Helena de Menezes, Secretary, and Victor Guadalupe, Assistant Transmitter Plant Supervisor.

The VOA relay station is perfectly located for transmitting to Africa on short- and mediumwave. They also provide a powerful signal outside their target area on many frequencies. When I tuned in to their broadcast on 4940 kHz last autumn, VOA had by far the best signal in the 60 metre tropical band


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